Why Every Fitness Instructor Should Be Using Podcasts

Fitness instructors probably know that they need to keep up with trends and the latest fitness and health research in order to give their clients the best possible results from workouts and diets.  You also have to constantly upgrade the way in which you provide services so that your clients will be happy with the way they are treated and so your clients can become healthier and fitter a lot easier.  Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and is exactly what fitness instructors need to start creating in order to keep clients happy, interested, focused and engaged.

Why use podcasts for your clients

The great thing about podcasts is that you can receive information without reading.  Clients can listen to instructions or information while driving to work or, especially important to fitness instructors, while working out.  Your voice can guide them through difficult workout sessions or they can listen to the best health advice as they go.

Why Every Fitness Instructor Should Be Using Podcasts

Yes, you can make your own podcasts

There are quite a few different ways to make your own podcasts especially when you use a computer because there is a lot of different recording software that you can use to build sound clips and to add different sound effects.  One of the easiest ways to make your own podcasts is by installing a podcast creation app like Speaker Studio on your phone.  This app enables you to do your own voice recordings and you can use the app to add different sound effects or music that will make your podcasts stand out.

Get ideas for podcasts from SoundBodyLife

One of the biggest challenges for podcasts is finding ideas for unique content.  For the best ideas and health tips, fitness instructors can definitely check out SoundBodyLife.  This health group constantly features great articles that contain fantastic health information, fitness tips and research results.  Fitness instructors can use the information found on SoundBodyLife to fuel content for podcasts.  Follow SoundBodylife on Twitter and get information on for hot topics like these;

  • Most of your clients probably struggle to lose weight. SoundBodyLife contains all the best weight loss tips and all the latest information on the best weight loss products.
  • New research is constantly being done on food products and with the latest info you can instantly inform your clients on foods to avoid for weight loss.
  • You can give bodybuilders the best workout advice and find great information on the best foods for bodybuilding.
  • More superfoods are being identified to help people stay healthy and vitalized without eating as much. Info on superfoods is always a good listen for all of your clients.
  • SoundBodyLife even features articles on the best workout clothing that your clients can buy.

Use podcasts to populate your sites

Podcasts can be much more than just useful to your clients.  You can also use your podcasts to lure more clients to your services and to populate social media sites so people can have something new to check out and listen to frequently.