What to Cover in Your Gardening Podcast

If you want to bring your love of gardening to the masses, a podcast is a great way to do just that.  Not only can you reach enthusiasts from across the country, or the world, you can also use the topics to help you become more knowledgeable about one of your favorite topics.

If you are looking for topics to cover that will grab the attention of any home gardener, consider focusing a podcast on each of these key areas.

Easy to Grow Options

Whether you choose to make this a single podcast, or a series based on the different kinds of gardens your listeners may have covering the topic of which plants are the easiest to grow can be a great place to start.  It will also appeal to a wide range of people who are interested in getting a garden going without a major time commitment.

If a podcast focuses on a vegetable garden, provide information on how a person can start with salad greens and tomatoes.  Both options are easy to grow, and are regularly consumed in the majority of households across the country, making them incredibly useful for beginning vegetable gardeners.

For those more interested in a flower garden, sweet peas can be an excellent place to start.  Marigolds are fairly simple to maintain, and they help keep certain garden pests away.  Fuchsias and pansies can bring a variety of fun colors in to any space.

What to Cover in Your Gardening Podcast

Soil Quality and Composting

A garden can only grow as strong as the soil allows.  In order to produce hearty vegetables, healthy fruits, and radiant flowers, your soil needs to organic materials necessary to support the plant’s growth and development.  By focusing one of your podcast just on soil quality, including how to improve soil quality with composting, you can help listeners build a strong foundation from which their gardens can grow.

While certain products can be bought to improve the content of your soil, creating your own compost allows you to control what does in to the mix while simultaneously reducing the amount of waste your home produces.  By explaining the benefits of home composting to listeners, as well as how easy it is to get started, you can help others do good for their soil and decrease the amount of waste they all produce.

While many listeners may initially believe composting is difficult, by explaining that with simple tools, like the compost tumbler by Jora, composting can be surprisingly easy.

Container Gardening

For those that have limited backyard space, or none at all, container gardening may be the answer.  This podcast can cover which plants can thrive in containers, along with which can be grown indoors, or in small outdoor spaces like balconies.

Container gardens do not have to be limited to traditional houseplants.  In fact, some people grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries and carrots, from containers.  Not only can this provide access to fresh foods, it can also help bring some greenery into otherwise dull spaces.

Let Your Love of Gardening Lead the Way

The above are just some suggestions on possible podcast topics about gardening.  When in doubt, think about what you love about gardening and use that to guide your choices.  You may find that others feel the same way too, and that they will be happy to listen about it time and time again.