Use SEM to Boost Your Business and Podcast Popularity

So you created all of those brilliant podcasts, created the perfect website that is mobile friendly and incredibly functional, and your products are amazing but you are still not seeing website traffic? Are you still finding it hard to navigate people to your e-commerce store and to get people to listen to your fantastic podcasts?  Well, the good news is that you are definitely on your way to success with your online presence.  The bad news is that you have overlooked a critical marketing element and that element is SEM. 

Use SEM to Boost Your Business and Podcast Popularity
Use SEM to Boost Your Business and Podcast Popularity

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a method used to promote your website and especially specific products and to lure traffic to your site by purchasing adverts on search engines.  This is one of the most critical steps to help you populate your website, especially if you are still a startup company.  SEM boosts your search engine conversion rates by up to 14% where other marketing methods only have a 1.7% success rate.  This marketing strategy also boosts your website’s visibility to internet users and it is one of the best ways to boost your website traffic a lot quicker than any other marketing strategy.

Why is SEM so successful?

People have a tendency to avoid advertisements and commercials in general.  They absolutely detest being called up by telesales people and those annoying pop-up advertisements are enough to drive anyone insane.  SEM is nothing like this.  This method involves paying a search engine like Google to promote a specific product or service.   Businesses need to bid on keywords that relate to their products or services.  The higher the bid the more likely your advert is to appear in Google’s related search results.  SEM is incredibly successful because it doesn’t force a user to view an add or to commit to purchasing.  Internet users feel free to make their own decisions and they are only supplied with information or rather products that they are searching for.  It is the ultimate win-win situation because customers get what they are looking for a lot easier and companies boost their website traffic and sales affordably.

The right keyword is critical

While you are bidding on keywords on these search engines you should be careful to bid on the right type of keywords.  Keywords that are too general are just too competitive.  You end up losing a lot of money on the bids without the needed effect.  Keywords that don’t match your product perfectly aren’t very likely to result in conversion simply because internet users aren’t going to type for those keywords.  Keywords that are too popular could also be expensive to promote to and could be a waste of time since the competition is just too fierce.  A keyword tool is a must to help you identify the right keywords to use when you are applying SEM to boost your website traffic.

SEM can definitely give your company the boost in traffic it needs.  Customers can see your product a lot easier and quicker, navigate to your store a lot easier and learn more about the product in an instant.  It SEM is a must to boost traffic and to get people to finally start listening to those amazing podcasts you created.