The 5 Best Political Podcasts

Politics may not be your thing. We get that, but as the election looms closer and closer it’s time to get informed. The masses are shirking their political duties simply because they have decided they don’t like the options. That just means they do like the idea of democracy coming to a halting stop while socialism peeks on in.

Any student of history can explain to you the unique value in the creation of the United States as a Republic. And, anyone who’s read anything of real political value recently, like Eric Metaxas’ book, If You Can Keep It, understands the gravity of our current political situation (learn more). That’s why we see people like Mark Dubowitz, creating organizations like the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The 5 Best Political Podcasts

It’s time we came together as a nation and became the informed populace that says “No!” to an overreaching big government agenda. These 5 podcasts can be the kindling for new political fire among the reticent populace. You should definitely check them out and learn some things about this great country before it reaches an even greater demise.

  1. Left, Right & Center- Like we tell people all the time, there are two sides to every story and in most instances the truth is found somewhere in the middle. This podcast allows a liberal and a conservative commentator to verbally duke out the issues at hand. The centrally located moderator keeps things fair and when time is called, that’s all there is to it. Which sometimes leaves you wanting more.
  2. Off Politico- Glenn Thrush runs this interview designed show. He speaks with well-known political figures and opens the door for discussions you probably couldn’t have listened to at a rally. The interviews are short, but his journalistic talent creates a far more intimate environment than the typical setting and design.
  3. FiveThirtyEight Elections- Nate Silver, a pretty unknown guy, designed this blog and podcast during the 2008 elections and was able to accurately predict the results in the 2008 and 2012 elections. He predicts a lot of different things and that probably makes it a little too new age for some of our readers. However, the election side of the podcast creates a roundtable of pundits, data, and ground reporting that will inform even the most reluctant listener.
  4. NPR Politics- Probably the most well-known source on our list, NPR has been the political go to for years. There are only two shows per week but you will receive up to date news and deep political analysis. If you’re an NPR radio fan you’ll love their podcasts.
  5. Brain Trust Live- They claim to focus on “election tomfoolery” and “Washington shenanigans,” with the millennial in mind. They do a blog and a podcast and are truly dedicated to exposing the hilarious and terrifying. This is probably the best podcast for young people interested in becoming “fact-knowers.” You can learn more about the hosts and this podcast here.

Although we have only chosen to provide you with 5 podcast options, you need to do some serious soul searching about your depth of political involvement. You could partner with Mark Dubowitz as he seeks to provide this country with safety from terrorism. Or, you could join a candidate’s team and help make the truth about him/her known. Just get active. And, if you need more podcast suggestions click this.