Take Your Landscaping Podcast to the Next Level

You love all things landscaping, so it’s only natural you would want to talk about it. With podcasts being a popular medium, it can be an ideal way to share your ideas about home gardening and yard design. But that doesn’t mean you can just hit record and ramble about whatever comes to mind. Finding great topics for each show can help keep everything cohesive. Plus, it can provide a great value to listeners who are interested in specific topics.

If you aren’t sure which topics to cover, here are some great options to get you started.

Take Your Landscaping Podcast to the Next Level

Flowers for All Seasons

When people think of flowers in their gardens, most focus on the options for spring and summer. However, there are a number of flowing plants that can be enjoyed during other times of year. Consider creating a podcast discussing some of the unique offerings that are set to bloom in late fall or even during the winter.

You’ll give listeners some ways to keep blooms in their landscape year-round, which is likely to be greatly appreciated by those who love all things floral.

Explore Groundcover

Not every climate is right for grass, and some homeowners don’t want to deal with the hassle. In those cases, dedicating a show to other groundcover options can give people new options to explore. Not only can you explore items in traditional greens, but you can include more festive options like Blue Maid Holly or Shrubby Cinquefoil. You can also invoke the feeling of open meadows with plants like Big Blue Liriope. You can even recommend combinations by region, giving listeners a variety they can combine into unique landscapes that are easier to maintain than grass.

Retaining Walls

Not every yard is level. That is where a good retaining wall can come in. Use a podcast to explain all of the benefits of using retaining walls and how they can give you different options for your otherwise sloping yard. Focus on functional and decorative points, as well as whether the job can be DIY or if a professional should be involved.

Patios, Walkways, and Pavers

Many people enjoy outdoor living, but their yard may not be ideal for that use. The installation of patios and walkways can help turn a bare yard into an area suitable for entertaining or relaxing. Again, this would be a great time to explore different options. Include those that may need professional installation, and project that can be tackled in a weekend.

You can also review which solutions are ideal for areas that you may need to reach under later, such as using removable pavers over where the sewer or waterlines run. Setting up something more permanent in those areas, such as a concrete patio slab, may mean that the patio has to be destroyed to reach the lines beneath, while stones can be lifted up and away, and placed again once work is complete.

Permits and Paperwork

Most people would be surprised to learn what sort of projects may actually require building permits to complete. While these requirements vary by area, doing an investigation into the issue could give listeners a better idea of what to expect, as well as how to find out who they should contact in their area for local regulations and ordinances. By covering the topic, you may save a lot of listeners from the hassles associated with not having the proper permits in place.