Strong Non-Verbal Communication Skills for Women

Non-verbal communications play a vital part in your dealings with other folks. If you are a woman, there are several times when other people will either misjudge your non-verbal communication cues or simply do not understand them at all. This can make an ordinary situation awkward. To avoid any confusion when you are trying to send nonverbal messages, you must be very careful. As a woman, there are some techniques you can apply in your everyday life to enhance your nonverbal communications and make the other person better able to understand the point you are trying to make.

Strong Non-Verbal Communication Skills for Women

Here is a guide to nonverbal communication skills that women can make use of:

1) Eye Contact

There are certain situations where you have to maintain an eye contact with the person you are talking to while at other times, it is best to keep your eyes facing the floor or maintaining eye contact with anyone else in the room. You are the best judge of the situation, and you should do what you think is suitable.

Generally speaking, if you are in the presence of adults, do not make eye contact if they are angry. If you are in the presence of young people your age, you should maintain eye contact to get the full response of the people.

2) Clean body

It might be a very unusual point for many ladies out there, but it plays a very significant part in all nonverbal communications. A clean body for women is identified by the removing of hair at the necessary parts. You can find on google+ to get all the information on hair removal. They give you information on how to use a laser to remove hair. For instance, if you are going to wear a skirt to work, make sure you have removed leg hair. A hairless body does leave an impression on the people you are talking to. Plus, visiting the mentioned link would help you stay clean in your routine.

3) Facial expressions

Perhaps the greatest tool for nonverbal communications is facial expression. Facial expressions are the cues people take by looking at our face. Numerous times unknowingly women tend to make a face that can be characterized as a poker face.

A poker face is when you have no expressions on your face, and it seems like you are deep in thought. In meetings, it is essential not to make this face as it can give a wrong impression. Practicing facial expressions is the key to adjusting your appearance whenever need be. This can be done when you wake up in the morning and go to the mirror to get ready. Spend 15 minutes perfecting your expressions and your smile. They will go a long way.

4) Gestures and body movements

Controlling your hands is never easy. When you are frustrated, your hands automatically start copying your language. When you are happy, your hands are the best way to express it. This, however, is not what you want in various situations. While working in an office, even if you hear good news, you have to control your gestures.

If you are angry at something, your boss said, you cannot use your hands to express it. Everything should be monitored. Similarly, body movements also are to be kept in check. Our body is naturally accustomed to reacting in a particular way when we hear certain things or see certain people. The body movements say a lot about you and are the foremost thing people notice about a woman. Do not try to be someone you are not but do try to mold yourself according to the need of the hour and the situation at hand.