Securities litigation, where to start? Video didn’t kill the radio star

There are many fields one can choose for your path of law including family, criminal and environmental law to name but a few. However what if you choose to distinguish yourself in a field that is a bit more specialized and sets you apart from the rest for example Securities Litigation? This field of law is intricate to say the least but an absolutely necessary area of representation today. Martin Chitwood, a well known Securities Litigation lawyer in Georgia has quite a few successes under his belt. Choosing his area of specialty in securities litigation, Martin has served as lead council or co-lead council in over 40 class actions. What exactly does Securities litigation entail? When investors file a lawsuit when bought securities in companies have caused them to suffer economic loss, this is also referred to as a class action. Read more about the definition and history of Securities Litigation.

Securities litigation, where to start? Video didn’t kill the radio star.

Martin earned his badge as a specialist in securities litigation considering he served as co-counsel in the Bank of America lawsuit where investors were paid out a total of $490 million.  This is but one jury trial worth mentioning. He also serves as Specialist Assistant Attorney General for the state of Georgia representing something as important as pension fund related class actions. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have someone as knowledgeable as this to share his experiences and wisdom with other law enthusiasts? With the worldwide web we are now capable of watching videos on just about anything. More importantly podcasts allow us to gain information and advice that we will be able to use in all future endeavors.  With contributors such as Martin Chitwood you can get an in depth look at what it takes to become an established, practicing lawyer with a sturdy reputation in Securities litigation.

Before TV there was radio and this was the only entertainment for a very long time, podcasts take us back to this era and allows us to gain knowledge and learn something in an old fashioned way. Forbes states that “podcasts are the future of storytelling” and with so many experienced contributors sharing their little gems with the general public you will be able to key in to the main factors of just about anything. There have been so many class action lawsuits worth mentioning for example the Dukes vs. Wal-Mart case where an amount of $11 billion dollars was paid out to the plaintiff. This is an interesting and informative direction of law and definitely represents a David and Goliath scenario most of the time. A positive outcome in a class action lawsuit is strongly dependent on good representation. It leaves one with a nasty taste to witness the average Joe being bullied by some or other giant corporation. When the outcome is justified and the plaintiff comes out stronger while the corporation walks with tail between legs we realize how liberating it is to know that justice was served.