Record Your Own Travel Podcast

Everyone with a voice seems to be putting up his or her own podcasts nowadays. These podcasts aid to share your views about anything you like. Folks generally set them up to talk about anything that takes their fancy. However, if you want to build a following, you must stick to a theme. The theme could be anything, discussing movies, celebrities, news, books, music or travel.

Travel podcasts have grown popular where the hosts describe their vacation or travels abroad. Folks usually discuss which places to visit in which cities or countries. They tell their listeners about popular hiking, swimming, fishing and camping points. That helps the listeners in choosing the best location for their own travels within their budget.

Record Your Own Travel Podcast
Record Your Own Travel Podcast

So, how do you start? Easy! Follow these steps, and you will be recording your professional podcast:


Good Recording Equipment might sound a bit expensive to splurge on merely a hobby. However, it lasts longer and thus proves to be a great investment in the long-term. You can take the more traditional approach and buy a microphone, headphones and a handheld recorder. Ensure that these are of the best quality. Remember, your audience can only hear you so the sound quality must be the best. You can download some recording or editing software to improve your voice quality or to cut out some unwanted sounds.

If you do not wish to spend so much on equipment, you can try simply recording on to your smartphones. Download a recording app that lets you edit the sound as well and start recording. You can later edit the sound by simply using the inbuilt editing app.

Record Background Sounds:

It is a great idea to record different sounds on the go while traveling. If you are on the beach, record the sound of the waves splashing on the shore or if you are at an exotic marketplace, record the sounds of natives speaking and shouting trying to sell their products. Imagine talking about your experience at visiting a waterfall and the sound of the waterfall gushing at the back. It surely provides your listeners with a first-hand experience and helps their imagination take wings. Use these sounds on your background. Pre-record them and edit them in later to give your audience a one-of-a-kind experience.

Give Out Tips:

Remember to include some tips about the locations that you have visited. For example, eastern countries have different table ethics, so, throw in some tips that will help any unsuspecting traveler from embarrassment. Your audience will surely appreciate you for these helpful tips.

Do Not Just Recommend Places to Visit:

When mentioning places, do not just recommend where to go and what to see or do, recommend other stuff as well. For instance, recommend the hotel to stay in, or tell them if bed and breakfast would serve better. Recommend any street food you loved and share your experiences. You can talk about any store you liked or a restaurant that had a great ambiance.

Apart from places, recommend essential gear needed. For example, when talking about fishing in a lake, talk about the boat rental service you would recommend. You can tell about hiking gear such as which hiking boots to buy, et cetera. You can take the help of an online buying guide to guide your audience properly. features a buying guide for light hiking boots. Moreover, you can discuss the specifications of hiking boots to look out for and what they mean. You can compare the prices and specs of different brands featured on the website and recommend your personal favorite!

So, start that recorder and record away!