Podcasts for Smartphone Enthusiasts

If you own a smartphone there have been times you have wanted to say that it is acting stupid. These gadgets can be quite frustrating with their too-sensitive touchscreens and their often limited reception. Picking podcasts that are best suited to your interests is challenging too. Even more so, is ensuring that you have chosen a podcast that is worthy of space on your phone’s memory. We hope to help you with this article about podcasts for smartphone enthusiasts.

Keeping a smartphone up and running can be quite expensive. That is, unless you opt for a prepaid version, but those are supremely limited data wise. What you need, is the secret for finding the best unlocked cheap smartphones.

Unlocked phones are a great option if you are looking for the freedom to join any network of your choice while still utilizing the phone you want. You don’t have to worry about all the ridiculous contract rules either, because you own your phone outright. That savings could help you buy a larger microSD card so that you can store more podcasts!

Podcasts for Smartphone Enthusiasts

Podcasts Worthy of Your Phone’s Limited Storage Space

Since you are probably still paying a pretty penny to use your smartphone, you might want to consider utilizing free podcasts, at least in the beginning of this endeavor. That said, here are 8 great free podcasts for you to consider:

  1. This American Life– Ira Glass hosts the show and David Sedaris (and other authors) often join in. The shows are theme based and focused on first person narratives. It is all about real life stories.
  2. Philosophy Bites– Short interviews, with modern day philosophers, break big topics into manageable segments. David Edmonds is the show’s host. There are over 200 interviews currently available.
  3. The Infinite Monkey Cage– Brian Cox, a physicist, and Robin Ince, a comedian, host this comedic relief show. They examine all kinds of topics from a scientifically laughable position. Click this for more information.
  4. Thinking Allowed– Panel discussions join host, Laurie Taylor, a sociologist, to contemplate modern day research on the cutting edge of societal trends and laws. Complex topics are made simple and informative, if you’re in a contemplative mood.
  5. Listen to Lucy– Lucy Kellaway’s acerbic and haughty disposition will endear her to you while simultaneously inducing fear. If you’re looking for LinkedIn answers and tons more, she will shoot straight.
  6. Bonnie and Maude– Looking for cinema reviews from a woman’s perspective? Meet Kseniya Yarosh and Eleanor Kagan. The classics are reviewed as well, so don’t miss an episode. Learn more.
  7. Stuff Mom Never Told You- Topical laughs in a woman’s world. Caroline Ervin and Cristen Conger host this show offering statistics, interviews, and revelatory anecdotes. Women in the workplace are the current topic of choice.
  8. Radiolab- Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad present this show with a slew of interviews with people from all walks of life. They are seeking to answer the tough questions that adults still wonder about. Like, why doesn’t the sun fall out of the sky?

You can find out about other free podcasts by clicking this link. Using your unlocked smartphone to find great entertaining podcasts, or exceptionally educational ones, is a far better endeavor than playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush. At least you’ll learn something that way.