Podcast Topics for a Musician Audience

Creating an exciting podcast targeted to musicians can be a challenge. You want to make sure you cover pertinent information in a way that is accessible to those who may listen. Luckily, there are hundreds of suitable topics to make your podcast interesting to those musician listeners. If you need a hand deciding which way to go, here are some topics to get you started.

Instrument and Equipment Reviews

Musical instruments and performance equipment can be high-dollar investments. With that in mind, many people feel more confident making a purchase only after they have a chance to get information from reviews made by subject matter experts. Since you are creating a podcast aimed at musicians, it is likely you are one of those experts (at least in your particular niche)!

Start by creating episodes based on the equipment you know and love. Consider how you use it and what you wish you had known before making your purchase. That information can serve as a solid foundation for a deeper exploration of the topic.

Podcast Topics for a Musician Audience

Since you can’t own every potential instrument or piece of equipment, you can also look at other reviews for guidance. For example, electronic keyboard reviews online can help you develop content to share with your audience.

Beginner Setups

Not everyone listening to your podcast will be a professional musician. In some cases, those interested in getting involved in the field will turn to podcasts like yours for guidance on how to begin. You can get information about instrument setups, DJ equipment (Click Here for examples), and advice on starter brands.

Everyone performing today was a beginner at one point, so take your knowledge and share it with those who wish to follow in your footsteps.


Most shows have formats that support the occasional interview. You can choose to speak with product manufacturers, notable local musicians, or even musical equipment store owners. Take the opportunity to find out more about topics that you wondered about as you explored your interest, as that information will likely be helpful to others who are learning about the topic from the beginning.

If you do interview other musicians, feel free to get their reviews on particular pieces of equipment or brands. Whether related to their current preferred instruments or brands or allowing them to try something new while recording with you, the input of multiple professionals can be very valuable. It may also spark some interesting discussions or debates between you are your guests, which can make for an excellent show.

Show Reviews

If you go to a concert or performance, feel free to create a review regarding your experience. Talk about what was done well as well as areas that could use improvement. As long as you remain constructive, it is fine to share information that may be seen as negative on the surface. Ultimately, every musician wants to improve and attract a larger audience. While your opinion may not be gospel, it can still be helpful when well presented.

Online Lessons

For those who specialize in specific instruments, consider having some podcasts focused on specific techniques or other learning opportunities. While it can be challenging to teach something complex through an audio-only format, if you thoroughly explain what you are doing, it can be managed quite well. If you need inspiration, look for other audio lessons and see if you can improve on the delivery. New musicians will appreciate your effort.