Podcast Topics about Saving Money

Most people are interested in hearing about ways to save money.  This makes topics in this area ideal for podcasters looking to bring in new listeners, while providing valuable information to your current ones.  If you are looking for ideas to help bring your money saving tips to the next level, consider offering advice in the following areas.  You may be surprised how many people start tuning in.

Travel Savings

Travel is often part of everyone’s wish list.  Whether they are interested in taking a road trip to a nearby attraction, or would like to see exotic destinations across the globe, the costs of travel can often make it hard to turn these wishes into a reality.

Introducing money saving tips for travel during your podcast can drum up a lot of interest.  Whether you choose to have one podcast cover various aspects of the topic, or would rather split up certain areas to create a series, combining money saving ideas with travel can be a great place to start.

In order to cover the kinds of information that is in demand, begin with recommendations for some of the more expensive aspects of travel, such as transportation and lodging.  You can recommend specific sites to help people find cheap airfare, like Discount My Flights, or provide information on the cheapest days to fly.  Lodging information can cover traditional hotel discount sites, as well as the growth of the alternative accommodations industry found through sites like Airbnb.

Podcast Topics about Saving Money

Grocery and Household Goods Savings

One of the most popular categories for money savings tips starts with the things people need every day, like groceries and other household goods.  Podcasts can include information in a wide range of topics designed to help people stretch their budget while still being able to have quality products.

Consider a podcast on topics like couponing and the use of sales flyers, or create a piece centered on great tasting, low cost meals.  Information about comparison shopping, or what you should and should not buy at dollar stores can also be helpful.

Holiday and Birthday Gifts

Finding gifts that are unique, appropriate, and cost-effective can be very challenging, especially for people who don’t consider themselves to be very creative.  Creating a podcast focused on low-cost gift options that are sure to impress the recipient could be very popular.

Consider ideas on how to create a great gift basket on your own, popular homemade food gifts, or simple projects to help take an inexpensive item and personalize it.  These ideas could be focused on adults or children, or could lead to a series around the holiday season.

Cell Phone and Television Savings

Having a cell phone is practically the norm, and many households pay for television service.  Creating a podcast to help listeners save on these budget staples can produce a lot of interest.  You can make the podcast seasonal, covering the best details that are available today, or make a few with some shelf-life by providing tips on how to compare different providers, or which providers tend to offer the best deals.  You can also teach listeners how to determine their actual usage, so that they can pick plans and providers that are best suited to meet their actual needs.

There are many other topics that can be covered in a money-saving podcast, allowing you to create pieces based on almost anything that is bought or sold.  Consider some of your major purchasing habits, or unexpected expenses, and see if there is a podcast hiding in there.  Most of the time, there probably is.