Take Your Landscaping Podcast to the Next Level

You love all things landscaping, so it’s only natural you would want to talk about it. With podcasts being a popular medium, it can be an ideal way to share your ideas about home gardening and yard design. But that doesn’t mean you can just hit record and ramble about whatever comes to mind. Finding great topics for each show can help keep everything cohesive. Plus, it can provide a great value to listeners who are interested in specific topics.

If you aren’t sure which topics to cover, here are some great options to get you started.

Take Your Landscaping Podcast to the Next Level

Flowers for All Seasons

When people think of flowers in their gardens, most focus on the options for spring and summer. However, there are a number of flowing plants that can be enjoyed during other times of year. Consider creating a podcast discussing some of the unique offerings that are set to bloom in late fall or even during the winter.

You’ll give listeners some ways to keep blooms in their landscape year-round, which is likely to be greatly appreciated by those who love all things floral.

Explore Groundcover

Not every climate is right for grass, and some homeowners don’t want to deal with the hassle. In those cases, dedicating a show to other groundcover options can give people new options to explore. Not only can you explore items in traditional greens, but you can include more festive options like Blue Maid Holly or Shrubby Cinquefoil. You can also invoke the feeling of open meadows with plants like Big Blue Liriope. You can even recommend combinations by region, giving listeners a variety they can combine into unique landscapes that are easier to maintain than grass.

Retaining Walls

Not every yard is level. That is where a good retaining wall can come in. Use a podcast to explain all of the benefits of using retaining walls and how they can give you different options for your otherwise sloping yard. Focus on functional and decorative points, as well as whether the job can be DIY or if a professional should be involved.

Patios, Walkways, and Pavers

Many people enjoy outdoor living, but their yard may not be ideal for that use. The installation of patios and walkways can help turn a bare yard into an area suitable for entertaining or relaxing. Again, this would be a great time to explore different options. Include those that may need professional installation, and project that can be tackled in a weekend.

You can also review which solutions are ideal for areas that you may need to reach under later, such as using removable pavers over where the sewer or waterlines run. Setting up something more permanent in those areas, such as a concrete patio slab, may mean that the patio has to be destroyed to reach the lines beneath, while stones can be lifted up and away, and placed again once work is complete.

Permits and Paperwork

Most people would be surprised to learn what sort of projects may actually require building permits to complete. While these requirements vary by area, doing an investigation into the issue could give listeners a better idea of what to expect, as well as how to find out who they should contact in their area for local regulations and ordinances. By covering the topic, you may save a lot of listeners from the hassles associated with not having the proper permits in place.

Podcast Topics about Saving Money

Most people are interested in hearing about ways to save money.  This makes topics in this area ideal for podcasters looking to bring in new listeners, while providing valuable information to your current ones.  If you are looking for ideas to help bring your money saving tips to the next level, consider offering advice in the following areas.  You may be surprised how many people start tuning in.

Travel Savings

Travel is often part of everyone’s wish list.  Whether they are interested in taking a road trip to a nearby attraction, or would like to see exotic destinations across the globe, the costs of travel can often make it hard to turn these wishes into a reality.

Introducing money saving tips for travel during your podcast can drum up a lot of interest.  Whether you choose to have one podcast cover various aspects of the topic, or would rather split up certain areas to create a series, combining money saving ideas with travel can be a great place to start.

In order to cover the kinds of information that is in demand, begin with recommendations for some of the more expensive aspects of travel, such as transportation and lodging.  You can recommend specific sites to help people find cheap airfare, like Discount My Flights, or provide information on the cheapest days to fly.  Lodging information can cover traditional hotel discount sites, as well as the growth of the alternative accommodations industry found through sites like Airbnb.

Podcast Topics about Saving Money

Grocery and Household Goods Savings

One of the most popular categories for money savings tips starts with the things people need every day, like groceries and other household goods.  Podcasts can include information in a wide range of topics designed to help people stretch their budget while still being able to have quality products.

Consider a podcast on topics like couponing and the use of sales flyers, or create a piece centered on great tasting, low cost meals.  Information about comparison shopping, or what you should and should not buy at dollar stores can also be helpful.

Holiday and Birthday Gifts

Finding gifts that are unique, appropriate, and cost-effective can be very challenging, especially for people who don’t consider themselves to be very creative.  Creating a podcast focused on low-cost gift options that are sure to impress the recipient could be very popular.

Consider ideas on how to create a great gift basket on your own, popular homemade food gifts, or simple projects to help take an inexpensive item and personalize it.  These ideas could be focused on adults or children, or could lead to a series around the holiday season.

Cell Phone and Television Savings

Having a cell phone is practically the norm, and many households pay for television service.  Creating a podcast to help listeners save on these budget staples can produce a lot of interest.  You can make the podcast seasonal, covering the best details that are available today, or make a few with some shelf-life by providing tips on how to compare different providers, or which providers tend to offer the best deals.  You can also teach listeners how to determine their actual usage, so that they can pick plans and providers that are best suited to meet their actual needs.

There are many other topics that can be covered in a money-saving podcast, allowing you to create pieces based on almost anything that is bought or sold.  Consider some of your major purchasing habits, or unexpected expenses, and see if there is a podcast hiding in there.  Most of the time, there probably is.

Five Health Podcasts to Inspire You

If you think you’re late to the podcast party or if you think that podcasts are all about solving murders or catching up with car talks, then let us educate you. To get the most out of your workout, you require the right blend of inspiration, expert guidance and insider information. You additionally require that store of learning, insight and drive to be motivated. Here are some health podcasts that will inspire you to make healthier food choices and to head over to the gym on a daily basis!

Five Health Podcasts to Inspire You

The Tim Ferriss Show

Your first port of call is the world’s greatest wellbeing and wellness podcast. Tim Ferriss is a so called human guinea pig who tests the most recent patterns before prescribing you the best way of life redesigns. Ferriss gets his inside data from the cream of the wellness crop, having talked with names as mixed as Wim “The Iceman” Hof to Mr Olympia himself. Not just are his Four Hour Work Week podcasts valuable, Ferriss’ simple conversational style and mind keeps the entire thing smooth. Perfect for simple pre gym working out.

Food For Fitness

Inspiration and giggles are fine and dandy, yet at times you require a measurement of master information to achieve the following level. Scott Baptie has the FFF podcast and supplements his own broad involvement with a variety of games researchers and specialists, all for the sake of dismantling your FAQs. Subjects range from the advantages of single leg preparing to reality about cholesterol. On the off chance that it’s useable science you’re after, head here first. The advantages that you will get out of this podcast will be similar as if you were at Pythagorean Health.

Mark Bell’s PowerCast

For lifting weights tips, proficient powerlifter Mark Bell’s podcast is head and colossal deltoids over the competition. Ringer’s own aggressive experience gives abundant motivation to enjoy this enlightening week after week appear, yet it’s his meetings that emerge. Hilarious however stuffed with valuable detail, his one-on-ones have included competitors from a scope of controls, from games to CrossFit. “PowerCast” was not a title that he just randomly chose.

Impenetrable Radio

Dave Asprey is a cutting edge business visionary and so called “biohack” master. Having put in 15 years gathering information from everywhere throughout the globe, Asprey is presently on a small time mission to convey those well-deserved privileged insights to fitness fans. On the off chance that you like “being better at everything”, this is for you. Also, even those less slanted by updating their natural chemistry and getting to be “impenetrable”, will at present get some helpful tips enroute.

Get-Fit Guy

Ironman long distance runner and all-round wellness master, Ben Greenfield, has made the Get-Fit Guy podcast in view of one point: to help you achieve your objectives. Tips and exhortation are the name of the amusement, with the arrangement going from meetings with specialists to dismantling the most recent examination. Covering everything from ‘The Ultimate Driveway Workout’ to ‘Heart Palpitations During Exercise’, your back is secured.

How to Make People Listen to What You Have to Say

Every day of your life, you communicate with people. You communicate with your friends, with your family members and your loved ones. Do you feel that they can always understand what you are trying to say? If yes, then you are lucky.

Sometimes you speak because you have to propose a new business plan. There will be days when you have some bright ideas that you feel will truly improve the quality of the work that you can bring in but what if people won’t listen to you? Your ideas will be wasted.

Do not worry because there are different things that you can do in order to let people focus on you and what you have to say. Whether you are going to talk about cnc milling machines or other things will not matter as long as you can get people’s attention. Do you already know the things that you can do? Read on to find out more details.

How to Make People Listen to What You Have to Say

  1. Before speaking, make sure that you have already taken the attention of the people that you are going to speak to.

Perhaps you can address the person by his/her name so that the person will know that you are speaking to him/her. At the same time, calling a person through the name can make them stop and truly listen. If you are speaking to a huge group of people, call their attention first before proceeding. If you are just going to talk without trying to get their attention, you know that nothing good is going to happen to you.

  1. Know the right things to say.

It can be different depending on who you are speaking with. If you are with a group of people that you trust and care for and feel the same towards you then you can just choose words that you normally use but if you are going to speak with associates and bosses, choose the right terms to present your idea thoroughly.

  1. Pay attention to the tone of your voice.

Do you think that the tone of your voice is appropriate for the discussion? If you are going to be overly dramatic or too perky, the people who are trying to listen to you will cringe and will try to block out your voice. They may not understand anything that you are trying to say. Of course, you also need to pay attention to how loud your voice is. Do not speak too loudly if you are not supposed to do so.

  1. Take a chance to listen too.

When presenting your ideas, you cannot expect that people will eat up what you are going to say immediately. They will have some questions and concerns that you have to listen to. Be open minded if they are going to give constructive criticism and remember that like you, other people would also want to be listened to.

If you need to make some hand gestures, if you need to modulate your voice and if you need to practice what you are going to say ahead of time, then do so. Do everything that you can in order to make people listen to you.

What to Cover in Your Gardening Podcast

If you want to bring your love of gardening to the masses, a podcast is a great way to do just that.  Not only can you reach enthusiasts from across the country, or the world, you can also use the topics to help you become more knowledgeable about one of your favorite topics.

If you are looking for topics to cover that will grab the attention of any home gardener, consider focusing a podcast on each of these key areas.

Easy to Grow Options

Whether you choose to make this a single podcast, or a series based on the different kinds of gardens your listeners may have covering the topic of which plants are the easiest to grow can be a great place to start.  It will also appeal to a wide range of people who are interested in getting a garden going without a major time commitment.

If a podcast focuses on a vegetable garden, provide information on how a person can start with salad greens and tomatoes.  Both options are easy to grow, and are regularly consumed in the majority of households across the country, making them incredibly useful for beginning vegetable gardeners.

For those more interested in a flower garden, sweet peas can be an excellent place to start.  Marigolds are fairly simple to maintain, and they help keep certain garden pests away.  Fuchsias and pansies can bring a variety of fun colors in to any space.

What to Cover in Your Gardening Podcast

Soil Quality and Composting

A garden can only grow as strong as the soil allows.  In order to produce hearty vegetables, healthy fruits, and radiant flowers, your soil needs to organic materials necessary to support the plant’s growth and development.  By focusing one of your podcast just on soil quality, including how to improve soil quality with composting, you can help listeners build a strong foundation from which their gardens can grow.

While certain products can be bought to improve the content of your soil, creating your own compost allows you to control what does in to the mix while simultaneously reducing the amount of waste your home produces.  By explaining the benefits of home composting to listeners, as well as how easy it is to get started, you can help others do good for their soil and decrease the amount of waste they all produce.

While many listeners may initially believe composting is difficult, by explaining that with simple tools, like the compost tumbler by Jora, composting can be surprisingly easy.

Container Gardening

For those that have limited backyard space, or none at all, container gardening may be the answer.  This podcast can cover which plants can thrive in containers, along with which can be grown indoors, or in small outdoor spaces like balconies.

Container gardens do not have to be limited to traditional houseplants.  In fact, some people grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries and carrots, from containers.  Not only can this provide access to fresh foods, it can also help bring some greenery into otherwise dull spaces.

Let Your Love of Gardening Lead the Way

The above are just some suggestions on possible podcast topics about gardening.  When in doubt, think about what you love about gardening and use that to guide your choices.  You may find that others feel the same way too, and that they will be happy to listen about it time and time again.

How to Give A Great Speech

When you were asked to make a speech in front of a huge crowd, what do you usually think about first? Most people would feel scared especially if they are not used to giving speeches but there are also some people who cannot think about the great ideas that they can talk about so they will manage to inspire a lot of people.

If you would check the number of great speeches that people have made, you will notice that they are made by people who have gone through a lot of things before achieving their goals in life. Sometimes, people are great speakers but if you would check the quality of their material, they are not as good as they sound like.

This means that in order to give a great speech, you do not have to rely on your loud and clear speaking voice alone. You also have to rely on your actual speech, the things that you are going to talk about so that you will be greatly noticed and understood by your audience.

How to Give A Great Speech

Making speeches can be a bit complicated. It is not the same with other easy problems that you may have like choosing to use PestKilled to get rid of the pests that you have at home. When you make a speech, you have to pour out all your heart into it. You have to do some researching and have a good grasp of the language in order to put your thoughts on paper.

Here are some of the things that you can do so that you will have a speech that people would actually listen to:

  • Keep Things Simple – You may be thinking of doing a Powerpoint Presentation and actually putting a lot of data in the process. People will not remember all of the data and statistics. They might not even listen to you if they find the data boring.
  • Use Stories – You want to make sure that you will add a few stories along with your speech because people love it when they are told certain stories. It does not matter whether they are young or old. They would love to hear your story and what you have to say about the topic you need to talk about. Remember that when you make people feel emotions while you are telling stories, they will remember your stories more.
  • Use words that are easy to understand by your audience – You do not have to use words that are profound when it will not help you connect with your audience. Your main goal should not be to impress but to be understood. If your audience would not understand a word that you are saying, nothing good will come out of your speech.

You should never forget to make the start and the end of your speech memorable. When you start your speech, you have to say things that will make people listen and hang on to your every word and when you end your speech, it should truly be memorable. It may take time before you perfect it but the tips above will surely give you the help that you need.

The 5 Best Political Podcasts

Politics may not be your thing. We get that, but as the election looms closer and closer it’s time to get informed. The masses are shirking their political duties simply because they have decided they don’t like the options. That just means they do like the idea of democracy coming to a halting stop while socialism peeks on in.

Any student of history can explain to you the unique value in the creation of the United States as a Republic. And, anyone who’s read anything of real political value recently, like Eric Metaxas’ book, If You Can Keep It, understands the gravity of our current political situation (learn more). That’s why we see people like Mark Dubowitz, creating organizations like the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The 5 Best Political Podcasts

It’s time we came together as a nation and became the informed populace that says “No!” to an overreaching big government agenda. These 5 podcasts can be the kindling for new political fire among the reticent populace. You should definitely check them out and learn some things about this great country before it reaches an even greater demise.

  1. Left, Right & Center- Like we tell people all the time, there are two sides to every story and in most instances the truth is found somewhere in the middle. This podcast allows a liberal and a conservative commentator to verbally duke out the issues at hand. The centrally located moderator keeps things fair and when time is called, that’s all there is to it. Which sometimes leaves you wanting more.
  2. Off Politico- Glenn Thrush runs this interview designed show. He speaks with well-known political figures and opens the door for discussions you probably couldn’t have listened to at a rally. The interviews are short, but his journalistic talent creates a far more intimate environment than the typical setting and design.
  3. FiveThirtyEight Elections- Nate Silver, a pretty unknown guy, designed this blog and podcast during the 2008 elections and was able to accurately predict the results in the 2008 and 2012 elections. He predicts a lot of different things and that probably makes it a little too new age for some of our readers. However, the election side of the podcast creates a roundtable of pundits, data, and ground reporting that will inform even the most reluctant listener.
  4. NPR Politics- Probably the most well-known source on our list, NPR has been the political go to for years. There are only two shows per week but you will receive up to date news and deep political analysis. If you’re an NPR radio fan you’ll love their podcasts.
  5. Brain Trust Live- They claim to focus on “election tomfoolery” and “Washington shenanigans,” with the millennial in mind. They do a blog and a podcast and are truly dedicated to exposing the hilarious and terrifying. This is probably the best podcast for young people interested in becoming “fact-knowers.” You can learn more about the hosts and this podcast here.

Although we have only chosen to provide you with 5 podcast options, you need to do some serious soul searching about your depth of political involvement. You could partner with Mark Dubowitz as he seeks to provide this country with safety from terrorism. Or, you could join a candidate’s team and help make the truth about him/her known. Just get active. And, if you need more podcast suggestions click this.

The Best Food Podcasts

There is no doubt in the fact that podcasts are a thing now. From serious plays to story-telling to food shows, everything is podcasted now. There a number of podcast shows that revolve around the topic of food and due to that it might become confusing to pick one to listen to. We have compiled a list of the best podcast food shows that are worth listening to and worth learning from!

Smoldered Toast

Food52 – Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs’ online food destination – launched its podcast in March, and it’s as smooth, productive and tasteful as the site. The originator hosts are regularly joined by more than one visitor, (for example, chefs and pastry specialists), and witty, interesting debates take place as well – it’s New York on a plate, in your ears. The very first installment, I Draw the Line at Tongue, delved into the most unusual things to eat, while the most recent, with creator Peter Miller, is about lunch. The pace, the altering and the prudently picked soundbites make each episode of this podcast worth listening to.

The Best Food Podcasts

The Food Chain

From the BBC World Service, this won the radio category at the 2015 Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Awards a month ago for The Case For and Against Meat, a two-parter telecast in December 2014. Diving into “the financial matters, science and society behind what we eat and drink” in a simple, newsy manner, the show has secured fastidious eaters, eating alone and, most as of late, sexual politics that takes place in the kitchen. The Food Chain discusses a number of issues regardless of their types and intensity, and keeps things moving.

The Kitchen is on Fire

This should include a lot of rambling and a few random bits – but nonetheless, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best. Previous supperclub hosts James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy, joined by a guest visitor, broadcast the show from a kitchen table in Hackney, east London. They are without a doubt great mates (they’re going to open an eatery together in London Fields, Pidgin), with a long history of chat and intriguing bits of knowledge. Episodes don’t accompany clear names, however that takes into consideration a sprawling suddenness and serenely easygoing tone that the more scripted shows don’t have. To date, they have talked about whether avocados are the blood jewels of the natural product world, and why Spam is all of a sudden big again.

Radio Cherry Bombe

A food show which is feminist and comes with a very catchy and punchy soundtrack, Radio Cherry Bombe has won the hearts of many. It celebrates women in the culinary world. The very tone of this show is definitely a serious one but at the same time it is very enlightening, informative and considerate. Guests who appear on the show include but are not limited to April Bloomfield, Anna Jones, Ina Garten and Dorie Greenspan. Not only that, but they also guide you about buying the right kitchen appliances, such as the best available toaster and the best blender for smoothies.

How to Prepare for Public Speaking

You have been appointed to speak in front of a crowd and you do not know what you are supposed to do. If it is not your first time to speak publicly, then you already know what the feeling is going to be. Public speaking is going to get better the deeper you delve into the speech that you have created. It is best if you know what you are talking about. It will all be worth it in the end knowing that people will learn a lot from what you have to say.

Remember that before you push through with public speaking, you have to prepare for it ahead of time. You can write down your speech so that you can practice it. Learn details about creating notes from here. At the same time it will be easier for you to decipher if there are some things about your speech that you need to change. You can make your speech as interesting as possible by adding some quotations and even stories that are related to the things that you are going to talk about. If you would have to speak in front of the mirror then do it because this will help you get to know how you are going to work.

How to Prepare for Public Speaking

If in case it would make you feel confident, you can invite a group of people that you are comfortable with to watch you as you speak. It will help you get used to the feeling of having a lot of eyes watch you as you start speaking. It can be a bit unnerving in the beginning but you will get used to it after some time.

From the group that you have invited, you can allow them to ask questions. This will help you anticipate the type of questions that will be asked by people who will be from your real audience. If there are some questions that you are having a hard time answering, you can look into it more so you will have a good answer prepared if it would be asked for real.

While doing public speaking, here are some things that you need to remember:

  • Focus on your speech alone. Now is not the time to think about the small microwave ovens that you want to purchase. What you can do instead is make sure that you are talking about the topic that has been assigned to you with confidence. You want your audience to know that you understand things perfectly.
  • Pay attention to the tone that you are going to use when you are speaking. How you are going to say the words will change the perception of people about what you are talking about.
  • You can make use of your hands so that you will not look too uptight but do not use your hands too much because the audience may become distracted with what you are doing.
  • Be sure to show your enthusiasm because the audience will catch it and will become enthusiastic with you.

With all of these tips in mind, you will be ready to do public speaking without feeling as awkward as you initially thought you would feel.

How to Get Over Stage Fright

Do you usually suffer from anxiety disorder? This may be brought about by your unhealthy diet that contributes to your unhealthy way of thinking. Perhaps you would like to check out Gymshark UK to learn more about how you can be healthier. When you pay more attention to your health, there is a bigger chance that you do not have to worry about stage fright anymore.

You may think that you are suffering from stage fright because you have never been on stage before but you do not have to worry because even professionals get stage fright from time to time. How will you know if you have stage fright? You will usually begin to feel nervous and unsure about the things that you are going to do.

How to Get Over Stage Fright

If you are going to speak in front of a huge audience, it will always help if you already know the things that you are going to talk about. You have practiced what you are going to say for a long period of time so why should you feel scared now? You have to fake your confidence even if you feel like screaming inside because if you look nervous, people will not take the things that you say seriously. Are you still worried? Here are some things to remember:

  • Relax your body. Do something that you know will help you relax. For example, if you know that chewing gum will help you, then have some gum handy. It will help you keep your mind off certain things. Just do not chew gum for a long time as it may upset your stomach especially if you have not eaten.
  • Do not eat too much before you are going to speak. If you become too nervous, there is always a possibility that you are going to vomit your stomach’s contents and you do not want this to happen especially not in front of a huge crowd. If you do not want to start speaking in an empty stomach, what you can do is to eat a banana. It will always help.
  • Try to avoid drinking coffee. You may be a coffee drinker who needs to have coffee in order to start your day but when you drink too much coffee, you may become jittery and more paranoid about the things that are going to happen. It will not help you perform better if you have taken in too much caffeine.
  • Laugh before you actually speak. It will help if you could talk with someone that you are truly comfortable with who will offer words of support before you actually go on stage. This will help you feel more relaxed and ready to conquer your fear.
  • Get to the venue early. There is nothing more daunting than seeing your audience waiting for your to arrive. Sometimes, it will be enough to unnerve you and you just want to get away from the place. Try to avoid this from happening so just get to your venue early.

With all of these tips in mind, you will be able to conquer the stage next time you are asked to speak in front of a huge crowd.