How Coffee Can Help You in Improving Your Podcast

Coffee is not a drug, but coffee can help you a great deal in making your podcasts better.  Coffee has high levels of caffeine which wakes up your system and brings it back to life. There is a good reason why many people take coffee in the morning, it gives them a good feeling and wakes up their system which is needed for the day. There have been misconceptions about coffee linking it to insomnia and indigestion but there is no clear evidence to it. Some of the reasons you should take coffee include:

Coffee wakes up your system

Yes coffee wakes up your system. When you take coffee, caffeine is absorbed in your bloodstream which then goes to your brain leading to emission of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine which can help in increasing your energy levels and that is why coffee makes you feel less tired. It helps in improving your mood and brain function which you will need in doing your podcasts.

How Coffee Can Help You in Improving Your Podcast

Coffee provides a short term memory boost

There is nothing as good as a memory boost especially if you are doing a podcast. It will help you to remember all the vital things that you need to incorporate in your podcast message which will increase the quality of your podcast.  According to studies, the caffeine in coffee affects particular areas of the brain that are associated with memory and concentration as well as cognitive activity. The effect however may vary from person to person, it depends with an individual.

Coffee helps to keep you healthier

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants that help in fighting toxins and inflammation that are main causes of many diseases such as cancer and arthritis among many others. Antioxidants will help in neutralizing free radicals which are major causes of oxidative stress that leads to chronic diseases. Anti-oxidants in general protect our cells from damage which is good for our health.  This will make sure that you are in sound health to do your podcasts and can even be healthier for longer.

Coffee helps to curb stress and depression

If you are stressed no matter how hard you try to conceal it, people can still be able to tell that you are stressed from your voice and your tone. Therefore it is important that you do your podcast while you are stress free and one of the tricks is incorporating coffee. According to many studies, coffee is known to reduce stress and depression. The caffeine in it aids in activating neurotransmitters that help in controlling your mood.


Clearly as seen above there are many benefits associated with coffee that is worth trying out. With a good intake, the quality of your podcasts should be able to improve, of course other factors remaining constant. You however need the best espresso maker to make it the best experience. Of course there is an option for buying readymade coffee, but for a long-term personalized solution you need a machine.

How to do A Kick-Ass Podcast?

As the world is advancing continuously, a new way to launch music and videos for the world to see and get famous overnight is available now. Podcasts are videos and audios created by folks for free, to let the world watch them. A study showed that majority of people who got triumph opt for the profession they are passionate about. Podcasts offer a chance to enthusiastic people, a stage to start where they can pursue their passion as well as make a career out of it.

Podcasts can be of anything. Over time we have seen people podcast sermons of churches, live music from concerts, daily life hacks, a cover of the music they love, discussions in book clubs and otherwise, recipes, and more. There is no limit to podcasting, and with the aid of a Smartphone, it is as tranquil as ABC. With no money involved, amateur to professionals, everybody is podcasting nowadays. Podcasting can help you being discovered by celebrities and other related people. Various people have been recognized through podcasting and are enjoying fame along with pursuing their dream.

Podcasts can be played on computers very easily. However, they are most conveniently played on mobile phones either with Wi-Fi or a data connection.

If you would like to start podcasting and you do not know where to start, here are a few steps that may help you mark the beginning.

How to do A Kick-Ass Podcast?

  1. Make A Plan:

Before starting, ensure that you have a plan or a mission in your mind. Make out a plan and draw details of it. To find a program, you can refer to your passion. Look for things that you love and catch your interest. For example, if you like cooking, you can podcast your recipes. However, make sure that you have everything set before your first podcast even. Like, if you love music, ensure that you have all the instruments set when you play. Buy top-notch quality products that are robust and available at reasonable price. To grab latest musical instruments and material go to

  1. Interview People And Get Them Involved:

It is imperative to find people that are relevant to your podcast and have a bigger name in the market and interview them. Reach out celebrities or local heroes and get them to talk or participate with you in your podcast. Keep experts and relevant people involved to ensure that your podcast remains attractive to your viewers. Interviewing does not always mean finding famous people, even if you talk to ordinary people and keep them involved in what you are doing, you will attract numerous individuals.

  1. Attract Sponsors:

The best thing about the podcast is you can fascinate several sponsors that would like to invest in you if you are attention-grabbing. To attract sponsors, make sure your content remains fresh even if it is on the same topic, bring out people who can speak for you, and share your podcast as much as possible. Spread it out with positive word of mouth and ask your friends and family to react on it with assent.

  1. Keep The Quality Of Audio And Videos Intact:

It is crucial that your camera quality is high definition so that people like watching your videos. If you are doing audios make certain the sound is perfect and every word you say is understandable to your listeners. Bad audio and video quality frustrate the viewers after a while, and they jump to view someone else’s podcast. It additionally shows that you are not serious and your sponsors may not be attracted to it as well.

Benefits of Auto Podcast to Your Auto Business

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. With the busy lifestyles, people want something that can allow them to multi task and at the same time are informative and entertaining. That is where podcasts come in. With podcasts, you can listen them on the go and at the same time they are very important. Podcasts are not only used for businesses but they are increasingly used for business. Regardless of the type of business, all kinds of businesses can benefit from podcasts in the following ways:

Authoritative presence

Speaking has a way of giving you a chance to add enthusiasm and authority to the information that you are trying to convey which is not possible with written content. If you give regular podcasts with accurate and updated information, then your clients are more likely to associate you with authority in the industry and would want to do business with you. The authoritative presence also helps in building the trust of your customers.

Benefits of Auto Podcast to Your Auto Business

Audience connection

When the audience hear your voice they are more likely to feel connected to you than if they read information from you. Listeners are likely to connect with your voice and presentation style. The connection will make them to want to do business with you and be loyal. It is a great and personal way of getting potential new customers. They will get connected to you and know your values and way of operation in a simpler way since they can listen and get to know about you as they are engaged in other activities as well.

Simpler way of reaching customers

Podcasts as a way of advertising is way simpler and cheaper as compared to traditional advertising media.  All that is needed is a computer, a high quality microphone and software for editing the audio files. The computer is used for recording, and the microphone for picking up the audio.

Brand awareness

Podcasts can help in developing brand awareness of your business. The familiarity due to the image created by the podcast and making the podcast regular gives the podcast a certain brand image. You can integrate information such that it covers the important aspects of the business and make sure that you give high quality information. Most of the time, clients are more interested in buying the brand than the product.


There are many marketing strategies that you can use for your Audi repairs Perth. The strategy that you use is what will make you stand out from the competition. In order to capture the attention of all the customers, it is important to use diversity in advertisement. This will be able to define your success. You should also give your clients a reason to choose you over others but the kind of package you offer. Not only work on the quantity of the content but also quality of the content. Other than that, your quality of service should be top notch to give your customers reasons for always coming back.

How Your Speaking Skills Can Help Improve Your Business

If there is one thing that you dread the most it is public speaking. You are not alone. People dislike speaking in front of people that they do not know because of various reasons. Some may feel that they are being judged based on their appearance alone. Others may be more self conscious because they know that they cannot speak as well as they would like.


If you are a business owner, you have to prepare yourself. The time will come when you have to speak in front of people and when you do it, you have to do it well. Not everyone is born to become a good speaker but people can always learn the proper skills in order to deliver lines and speeches effectively. As long as you are willing to learn, this will not be a problem for you.


It is okay that you are marketing your products and your business in effective ways. For example, you are using DropMock in order to make your products become seen by people in the most positive way. Your products can be promoted very well because you do not need to create the statements about your products also known as ‘tag lines’ that may be remembered by people more. DropMock will be in charge of everything through their Mock Up software.


Even with all the marketing strategies can use, you should not forget about the power of making a good speech. Here are other reasons why your speaking skills can make your business flourish:


  • A lot of people know that it takes guts to speak in front of a crowd and actually deliver lines that will make people listen. If you are able to do both, then you will be respected. People will have more interest in what you can provide for them.
  • Knowing how to speak well will help people understand what you are trying to say. There are a lot of words that are spoken but if they are not delivered well, the message of the whole speech will be lost in translation. Having proper skills in public speaking will allow people to have a better understanding of your business and the products you are promoting. mock up software
  • You will be able to educate people about the things that actually matter. Your speaking skills should not be used merely in order to promote your business. Rather, what you should do is to make sure that people will know why some of your products are good for them. For example, if you are selling water purifiers, you can talk about how water purifiers can give benefits that people cannot get from tap water. The approach you will take will make a lot of difference with how people will react.


Do remember that after you have done your speech or you have already informed people about the things they should know, let them have the chance to ask questions. By doing this, you are showing that your interest in what they are searching for and in what they believe in. By listening to people, you will also have ideas about what your next products would be.

How to Become a Voice Over Artist

There are a lot of voice artists who are hired to do different things on television and even in radio. Voice over artists is required to do the voice over for documentaries or they also have to do narrations for commercials. There are also some who become hired to become the voice of certain animated characters on television.

If you have always loved acting but you know that your voice is your main asset, then you can become a voice over artist. It will always help if you get professional training though as this will give you an edge over the competition. You may never know, after you have finished the course and all the training, you will be assigned to do professional voice over for e-learning course. It may be something that you like doing.

In order to become a voice over actor, you first need to make sure that you will develop your talent effectively. This means that you have to practice reading out loud. If there are some words that you do not know how to pronounce, search for the right pronunciation. It will make a lot of difference with how you say things.

How to Become a Voice Over Artist

To practice more, here are other tips you can do:

  • Record your voice. Through voice recording, you can pinpoint how you would like your voice to sound like. You can make your voice bigger or smaller depending on the character that you are trying to emulate then decide if your voice is good enough. It can be embarrassing in the beginning to hear your voice but you will get used to it later on.
  • Remember to use your diaphragm. There is a complete difference with the voice that you will be releasing when you use your diaphragm. You can choose to use other voices if you are going to play different characters but for voice overs, voice from your diaphragm will be the one that is most needed.
  • Try imitating famous characters. You may want to see how good you have become by trying to imitate the voices of other characters that are famous for their distinct voices. You can ask people what the differences are and how you can further improve. People who are willing to help you will be honest with you.

If you are dedicated to become a voice over artist, you have to be prepared to show your emotions through your voice which can be a bit hard if you have not gotten training before. There are some courses that you can take from schools that will allow you to lace your voice with your emotions. This may be difficult especially since your target audience will not be able to see you.

You also need to learn how to market yourself. How will people know that you exist if nobody knows you? Having connections can be well and good but these connections cannot do anything for you if you do not have the skills that are required to help you become recognizable. Work on your overall package by learning a few more tips here and you can become a successful voice over artist.

Best Podcasts for Political, News, and Tech Addicts

Notice the rise in fake news and you understand that this is a grim time for those of us who appreciate the truth. That makes finding the best podcasts for political, news, and tech addicts, quite an endeavor. It isn’t very easy to determine which resources are going to offer you the best information with the most accuracy. However, we know you love your podcasts, so we have done this for you.

Maybe you’ve been wondering what is going on with Iran. If so, you are probably a fan of Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. He’s a Johns Hopkins’ graduate and has been heading up this non-partisan group to fight the political agendas designed to cripple democracies worldwide. Surely, you’ll find stuff about him on some of the political podcasts we will suggest shortly.

Best Podcasts for Political, News, and Tech Addicts

Podcasts You Should Subscribe to

We want you to have access to the most precise and timely information available. That is why we have composed this list of podcasts you should subscribe to. After all, you are just as drawn to tech talk, news revelations, and political exposés as we are. Therefore, be sure to get these podcasts on your mobile device so you don’t miss a thing:

  • On [The Media]- They are particularly interested in behind the news information. You will gain access to information about the Trump dossier leak, and the secret battles waging between the CIA and FBI. Listen to it here.
  • The Run-Up– Supported by the New York Times, Michael Barbaro, one of their reporters, is the prime broadcaster. He also has an audio briefing entitled The Daily. However, during this podcast, he is all about the insider commentary for political aficionados.
  • Note to Self– This is for all the tech lovers out there. Apple’s security issues are free game. So are the new devices employed by police officers to see when drivers are texting. This is a timely look at all things techy.
  • Code Switch- A great view from the minority crowd. This podcast employs the brilliance of five journalists from minority backgrounds. They will confront those very uncomfortable issues revolving around identity and race. This is a weekly show provided by NPR. Learn more.
  • Reveal– Al Leston is the star of this series. He’s a poet and playwright devoted to exposing abuses of power. He’s particularly devoted to revealing those abuses as they pertain to the legal and political systems.
  • Trumpcast– If you’ve been wondering what’s wrong, or right, with our new Commander In Chief, this is the podcast for you. Business experts, psychiatrists, and even historians will be given a chance to weigh in on Trump. Slate is the voice you’ll hear most frequently, and don’t be surprised by the snarkiness of the series.
  • Call Your Girlfriend– These two ladies are longtime friends. They are both tender and intellectually rigorous in their discussions about political things poignant to the concerns of women. Read this.
  • 538 Politics– If you want the nerdy side of data and facts, this is the political podcast for you.

Of course, there are a number of other politics specific podcasts that will really get your blood boiling if you are a pro-Trump individual. It seems the political landscape is rife with Trump bashers and perhaps they should be taken with a grain of salt just like everything else. After all, opinions are like armpits, or so they say.

How to be a Fluent Speaker

You may be doing your best to learn the English language wholeheartedly so that you can speak it fluently. Knowing how to speak the language can be beneficial for you in the long run especially when you need to communicate with other people.

You should admit that English is a funny language to learn. At times, you will see some patterns with the words and how some verbs will be in various forms but there are also moments when you cannot help but become baffled because you never expected the equivalent words to be what they are. There are a lot of rules in English too but do not worry, as long as you do not have to worry about these rules too much, then you can still enjoy your path to becoming a fluent speaker.

How to be a Fluent Speaker

Just imagine that your fluency in speaking can be used in order to ask the right questions when you are looking into Alliance and Associates. You will become better informed about their terms and conditions and at the same time, you will find more details why they are the best in providing you with what you are searching for.

Here are other tips to follow so you can be the fluent speaker you have always wanted to be:

  1. Study phrases.

In order to know the correct usage of the terms, you need to know phrases. This is more applicable when you are already aware of the meanings of the words. If you would not do this, you will find it hard to become fluent in speaking.

  1. Do not translate.

It will be easy to assume that you can translate your native language into the English language and expect that the meaning will be the same but this is not true. Some of the words cannot be translated and you will only end up with bad grammar.

  1. Do not think about grammar too much.

It is true that in order to have a good grasp of the English language, you have to know the proper grammar. This can be useful when you are studying tests and answering tests but in the real world, your grammar will not help you learn the English language better. In fact, you may get confused because of it. What you can do instead is to use the English language when you are speaking with other people especially native English speakers. You will get a better idea of how they use words.

  1. Surround yourself with other people who speak English.

If you would constantly surround yourself with other people who speak the same language as you when you go to a different place, you will find it harder to learn how to speak in English. If the people that you are with are willing to learn with you however, then you can all improve your fluency and grasp of the English language.

What do you think are other tips that you can do in order to improve your ability as an English speaker?

Best Apps for Podcasting from Your Cell Phone

We know that podcasting is on the rise. It enables just about anyone to share his/her message to a wide berth of listeners so long as the advertising and marketing of the podcast is successful. Or, if nothing else, the individual can reach out to friends with messages just for them. But, what are the best apps for podcasting from your cell phone? We’re glad you asked and we hope to help you find the answers.

First, take your Samsung Galaxy J7 over to izengate and get it a new wallet phone flip cover case. It will only run you $9.99. And, you’ll be able to carry all your important cards not to mention your money while simultaneously protecting your phone’s screen. With that kind of style, enjoying some crazy good podcasts should be easy.

Best Apps for Podcasting from Your Cell Phone

Podcatchers for Your Cell Phone

Maybe you didn’t know it, but podcasting apps are actually called podcatchers, as they will be catching what you tell them. And, many of them will also “catch” and automatically download new episodes of the podcasts you subscribe to. So, here are some great podcatchers for your cell phone:

  1. Overcast (iOS)- Lots of great features in this app. Playback, downloading, and notifications are deftly handled. And, you can even play your stuff offline to save space. Then there’s the ability to boost and normalize sounds, or cut out gaps of silence without messing up the audio.
  2. Castro (iOS)- This one is all about simplicity and ease of use. When you can mix crystal clear audio and a sleek design, you have created an uncluttered podcatcher that hasn’t been destroyed by excess and unnecessary complexities. And it’s free because the 2nd version is coming out soon. Learn more.
  3. Pocket Casts (Android & iOS)- You’ll have to pay $3.99 for this one, but its attractive design will showcase your favorite podcasts. And, it can even categorize them to make listening that much easier. There’s auto-downloading and cleanup features, plus a sleep timer. It’s probably worth the money.
  4. iCatcher (iOS)- With variable playback speeds and other tweaks and configurations, this $2.99 podcatcher is pretty nifty. There are several download options as well.
  5. Downcast (iOS)- When you feel the need to search for new podcasts to subscribe to, this is a great app option. It is highly customizable and even supports Google Chromecast. It’s $2.99.
  6. Podcast Republic (Android)- Ads are the way this app makes its money, but it’s free for you. There are several configurations for storage management and a car mode.
  7. Player FM (Android)- Solid playback and discovery tools make this podcatcher app pretty great. But the fact that it’s free, makes it all the better. There’s also video support and audio enhancements. Read this.
  8. Podcast Addict (Android)- Perhaps one of the cooler features of this app is its ability to save space with an automatic deletion option. You’ve got support for YouTube channels, audiobooks, streaming radio, and even video podcasts.
  9. Beyondpod (Android)- Probably the most expensive podcatcher on our list, at $6.99, you can experiment with it for a 7 day free trial before committing. There’s a smart playlist builder and it supports Chromecast too.
  10. Doggcatcher (Android)- If you’re a function junky, this is the app for you. Try out the variable playback, UI customization, and episode diagnostics. All for just $2.99.

If you need some more information about great podcast apps, follow this link.

The What, Who and Why of Starting A Podcast

If you’re looking into starting your very own podcast, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you set everything up.

Step 1. What’s Your Podcast For?

So firstly, why would you like to make a podcast? It is safe to say that you are a consultant? A business? Or, maybe an advertising supervisor? Assuming this is the case, you may have distinguished podcasting as an extraordinary approach to build authority, and provide your clients and target audience with significant and engaging substance.

Or, on the other hand would you say you are taking a look at podcasting from an expert point of view? This may mean you’ll be making a show in your extra time. Also, the subject will be something that you’re enthusiastic about.

In either case, you can recognize your “why” here. That is essential to remember, so you can remain focused, especially when you’re thinking that it’s hard to get a show out.

Next, shouldn’t something be said about your “who”?

The What, Who and Why of Starting A Podcast

Step 2. Who is Your Podcast For?

In case you’re coming at it from a business perspective, and you’re (for instance) a fitness coach who needs to make a health and fitness podcast, then your intended interest group may be individuals who are keen on sticking to a good diet, weight reduction, work out, or lifting weights.

In case you’re making a show out of your hobby – suppose it’s based around your affection for zombies and post-prophetically calamitous fiction – then your intended interest group would essentially be people with a similar enthusiasm. They may be enthusiasts of TV shows like The Walking Dead, computer games like Resident Evil, books like World War Z, and movies like Night of the Living Dead.

A lot of people talk about the importance of creating audience personas. It’s a smart thought, drawing out precisely why it is that you’d get a kick out of the chance to tune in to your substance. That persona is something to remember each time you arrange a scene: “Would John, our audience persona, relate to this? Is this centered around what he enjoys, what he’s occupied with?”

That persona and those inquiries help you to keep your show focused and on track, both of which make for all the more captivating substance.

So we know who you need to achieve, how would you contact them? You have to give individuals motivation to tune in. This implies making content that they will get something out of when they tune in.

Step 3. Give Them a Reason to Listen

Regardless of whether you’re giving data that will help somebody to get in shape (on account of our fitness coach), or doing a truly engaging meeting with one of your most loved creators (on account of our zombie podcaster) you’re offering some incentive for your audience.

Not just have you given them motivation to tune in, you’ve given them motivation to return for additional. It’s vital to consider this in the beginning stages. Can you record 10-15 potential scenes that you think your target audience would love to tune in to?

Once you’ve set up your own show and are looking to expand or have another host join you, you can take a look at cost of a voice over recording. This will help give you a better idea of how much you will have to pay if you consider hiring a voice over artist.