Brilliant Ways to Make Money Through Podcasts

According to the Infinite Dial Study (2017) conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital, the number of monthly podcast listeners is 67 million in America. These statistics show us the prevailing trends of podcasts which are growing day by day. In this fast-paced era, people prefer to fill their time with informative things.

One way to do this is by reading books, and the other is with the help of podcasts. The primary reason behind the rise of podcasts is because not everyone likes to read since it is a task that requires a person’s full attention. When compared to reading a book, podcasts are more lenient as you can listen to one even when you are busy doing other things like cooking or driving.

If you are passionate about blogging but don’t like the visual aspect of it then starting a podcast just might be the thing for you. Plus, once you start it and get enough listeners to be recognized, you can even start making money from your podcast. Therefore, by doing so, you will not only be following your passion but earning from it as well.

Brilliant Ways to Make Money Through Podcasts

Here are a few tips that podcasters can use to gain profit:

  1. Educate others:

31% percent of America’s population of age group 25-54 years listens to podcasts. People in this age bracket normally have a job and are often looking for ways to excel in their work. The podcast can be a source of knowledge for these people. You can host podcasts related to the different fields of work such as business, teaching, cooking, entrepreneurship, etc. Since individuals who work have a busy schedule, they can listen to podcasts in their free time (even when they are performing a chore!).

Invite experienced people and other podcasters to your audio blog. Moreover, co-hosting with various podcasters will lead to an increase in your listeners since people who already have a show will bring their audience to your show as well.

  1. Write books:

While this does not include any speaking skills, writing and selling your work can help you gain recognition in the market. If you run a successful podcast and have a huge fan following, then you can write a book about your journey of becoming an active podcaster. In the book, you can include insider tips and tricks such as how to reach out to the people or how to start a podcast, etc. These things might positively influence other aspiring podcasters and help them make a name for themselves in the audio blog business.

  1. Advertisements:

The one downside of writing a book is that it might not sell much. Therefore, you need an option that’s bound to bring in some real money and advertisements are perfect for this job. So, reach out to brands and businesses to ask if they would like to promote their products and services through your podcast.

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How Podcasting Is Helping Businesses Find the Right Insurance

Lately everyone seems obsessed with podcasts and why not?  Podcasting just makes everything easier.  You can paint your nails, draw pictures, clean your house and even drive while listening to podcasts without putting anything in jeopardy because your hands and eyes are still free to do with what you like.  Drivers can receive information without the risk of getting into accidents and podcasts are perfect for busy bodies that love to multitask.  Podcasting is also helping businesses find the right insurance.  If you want to know how then you can read on and find out.

How businesses can find the right insurance company based on podcast

More business insurance firms are using podcasts to explain their benefits and services than ever before and this is hugely beneficial to businesses.  As a business manager or owner you probably have your hands full with running your company and each and every day involves a lot of reading.  You have to read your emails, read the latest competitor news, stay ahead of economic news, follow latest trends for your specific product and read on all the best ways to enhance your marketing strategies as well as business strategies.  All of this is a lot of reading which makes a podcast seem like a breath of fresh air because you can sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee and receive all your information by simply listening.  Business owners are able to process much more information by listening to podcasts and it is simply much easier to identify the best business insurance firm when you listen to all of their benefits through an easy to understand and easy to play podcast.

How Podcasting Is Helping Businesses Find the Right Insurance

Check out this top business insurance company

If you want to have a good idea of a business insurance company that loves to make life easier for company owners then you can definitely check out AZ Business Insurance.  This terrific company is modern, hip and extremely easy to use since they offer the best service for all of your company’s insurance needs.  You can get a tailor fit insurance package for your company that can include basic business insurance, commercial auto insurance, workers compensation as well as company benefits. AZ business insurance is also a terrific company to use because they go through extra lengths to ensure that your needs are met regarding this crucial part of your business.

Why business insurance is a must

So much can happen to your company in the wink of an eye and business insurance doesn’t just protect your company but also those that work for you.  With business insurance you operate with reduced risks and you stand a pretty good chance at recovery should anything terrible happen to you, your personnel or anyo0ne else that might get injured within your company.  But one of the biggest reasons to invest in business insurance is probably because it is the law.  Yes, business insurance is a legal requirement that protects both the company and the employees.

Strong Non-Verbal Communication Skills for Women

Non-verbal communications play a vital part in your dealings with other folks. If you are a woman, there are several times when other people will either misjudge your non-verbal communication cues or simply do not understand them at all. This can make an ordinary situation awkward. To avoid any confusion when you are trying to send nonverbal messages, you must be very careful. As a woman, there are some techniques you can apply in your everyday life to enhance your nonverbal communications and make the other person better able to understand the point you are trying to make.

Strong Non-Verbal Communication Skills for Women

Here is a guide to nonverbal communication skills that women can make use of:

1) Eye Contact

There are certain situations where you have to maintain an eye contact with the person you are talking to while at other times, it is best to keep your eyes facing the floor or maintaining eye contact with anyone else in the room. You are the best judge of the situation, and you should do what you think is suitable.

Generally speaking, if you are in the presence of adults, do not make eye contact if they are angry. If you are in the presence of young people your age, you should maintain eye contact to get the full response of the people.

2) Clean body

It might be a very unusual point for many ladies out there, but it plays a very significant part in all nonverbal communications. A clean body for women is identified by the removing of hair at the necessary parts. You can find on google+ to get all the information on hair removal. They give you information on how to use a laser to remove hair. For instance, if you are going to wear a skirt to work, make sure you have removed leg hair. A hairless body does leave an impression on the people you are talking to. Plus, visiting the mentioned link would help you stay clean in your routine.

3) Facial expressions

Perhaps the greatest tool for nonverbal communications is facial expression. Facial expressions are the cues people take by looking at our face. Numerous times unknowingly women tend to make a face that can be characterized as a poker face.

A poker face is when you have no expressions on your face, and it seems like you are deep in thought. In meetings, it is essential not to make this face as it can give a wrong impression. Practicing facial expressions is the key to adjusting your appearance whenever need be. This can be done when you wake up in the morning and go to the mirror to get ready. Spend 15 minutes perfecting your expressions and your smile. They will go a long way.

4) Gestures and body movements

Controlling your hands is never easy. When you are frustrated, your hands automatically start copying your language. When you are happy, your hands are the best way to express it. This, however, is not what you want in various situations. While working in an office, even if you hear good news, you have to control your gestures.

If you are angry at something, your boss said, you cannot use your hands to express it. Everything should be monitored. Similarly, body movements also are to be kept in check. Our body is naturally accustomed to reacting in a particular way when we hear certain things or see certain people. The body movements say a lot about you and are the foremost thing people notice about a woman. Do not try to be someone you are not but do try to mold yourself according to the need of the hour and the situation at hand.

The Best Manufacturing Podcast for Enthusiasts

The podcasts on our list will incorporate a number of different business focuses. You can learn about entrepreneurship, production, marketing, technology, innovation, management, engineering, and leadership. So, if you are looking for the best manufacturing podcasts for enthusiasts, you’ve come to the right place. We hope you’ll find exactly what you are looking for here.

We certainly don’t want to neglect the value of manufacturing analytics, though. Obviously, people interested in manufacturing podcasts have some connection to the industry. So, we suggest utilizing a cloud based software organization to help you keep track of your business’ current analytics. You will have visible data to help you learn more as you listen to the podcasts on our list.

Top 10 Manufacturing Podcasts

Now that you know just how well your manufacturing business is doing, or at the very least, what areas need improvement, it’s time to get educated. These top 10 manufacturing podcasts can provide you with much needed information to ensure your business is successful. So, take a listen to these:

  1. From Concept to Market A-Z: This is a great resource for those of you who have some cool ideas and need to know how to put those plans to action. This is the Surf Goggles Chronicles.
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Podcast: Affectionately known as AMP, this podcast is published regularly and episodes focus on the rock stars of the industry.
  3. The Art of Manufacturing: Believe it or not, this is a sexy field to get into. Z. Holly, the host, will explain the value of risk taking and discuss those who are making it in the industry.
  4. Manufacturing Marketing Matters: Marketing in manufacturing presents some very unique circumstances. And, the challenges are fairly common to all facets of the industry. So, if you’re needing marketing assistance, this is a great resource. Learn more.
  5. Gary on Manufacturing: Look forward to pieces that focus on connected technologies and the interviews that explain them better. Gary, the host, has a wealth of knowledge as well.
  6. Manufacturing at Heart: This weekly podcast will provide you with European based manufacturing stories including interviews with all sorts of experienced individuals.
  7. 3D Printing Today: This is a super hot topic to consider. You can learn all kinds of tricks and tips for your newly created 3D printing endeavors. Listen to Whitney Potter and Andy Cohen delve into all the potential and innovation in this manufacturing field.
  8. Manufacturing Advocates Podcast: If you are wondering where manufacturing in the US is headed, Joe Hackman can help with his in-depth look at the situation. Enjoy interviews with some of the most influential people in the field.
  9. Marketing for Building Product Manufacturers: If you want to reach architects and other construction focused professionals this podcast will offer you an array of tips. Engineers can benefit from your products, but you need to know how to reach them and this podcast has exactly what you are looking for.
  10. MakerCast: If you’re a maker, this show can provide you with everything you need to know about furthering your career. Surely you understand how unique you are, but maybe you need to know you’re not alone. This podcast celebrates the skillset and drive inherent in makers like you.

If you didn’t find a podcast worth listening to on our list, we feel confident that you will find one here. Happy pursuit!

How to Talk About Sports Even When You Do Not Know Details About It

There are moments when you will be forced to make some comments about sports even when you do not know anything about it. You are not the type to be interested in basketball, football, baseball and all other sports but there are some situations wherein you would be required to say some details about it.

For example, you would be in a party and the person you like starts asking about a certain sport and if you know anything about it. You do not want to show that you have no idea about what the person is talking about so you would fake it.

How to Talk About Sports Even When You Do Not Know Details About It

It will always help if you would make the effort to research about the team beforehand so you will not be completely unaware but if in case you have no choice and you really have to act like as if you know something about the sport, you can just make some simple comments and try to go elsewhere. This will give you a chance to mingle with other people in the party who may not be as sports-crazy as the first person that you have spoken with.

There are some people like me who started out not being interested in sports but the moment that I have seen how this soccer prediction website makes me win, I have started paying attention to soccer more. I have to say that I rely on the website whenever they have some things to say and I bet on the proper team based on their predictions. I win most of the time and this is enough for me to get extra money on the side. Wouldn’t you want to experience this too?

Now that you know how sports can be useful to you, remember these simple tips that will allow you to gain more information about sports without having to spend too much time on it:

  1. Listen to the conversations of the people around you. There is a very big possibility that you know some people who are fans of certain sports. Listen when they talk and you are going to pick up some details that will help you talk about sports if you have to.
  2. Let people know that you do not know a lot of details about it. Why are you going to pretend that you are a big sports fan when you are not? It will be hard for you to talk about something that you know nothing about. Allow people to know that you only know a few details but not so much for you to really understand everything about it.
  3. Take notice when you read details about sports in newspapers or when you see some news on television. The simple details will be easy to remember and you can contribute those details you have learned the next time that you speak with someone who is passionate about that sport.

With all of these tips to remember, talking about sports even when you are not too interested in it will not be too hard to accomplish.

Reasons Why Podcasting is Here to Stay!

In this era of advancement, access to anything is just click away. Every new thing we come across is one step ahead of the previous one. You might have heard about podcasting that you can say is a better version of radio that you can play anytime, anywhere on your portable devices.

With the podcast, we can access the variety of audios related to almost every subject of life for free. The question arises here is what makes it different from other available services. Well, here is the answer. The delivery of a podcast is totally automatic to the targeted devices. You will not have to be concerned about the new episodes as they are automatically downloaded when syncing with podcast service.

This story telling medium has become popular, but the thing that might cross your mind is whether the podcasting is here to stay or people would revert to the other mediums. Read a few reasons why the growth of podcasting would sustain:

Reasons Why Podcasting is Here to Stay!

Time efficient form of communication:

This can be considered as a time-saving medium as it allows the listener to multitask. People nowadays have busy schedules; they don’t find time to sit and read an article of their interest. Podcasts become their thing that they can listen to while doing the other thing at the same time such as working out, surfing webs, cooking, and a lot more. Podcasting is propitious also because it removes ambiguities that come with the written content.  The folks who are weak in their writing skills but want to share something can also take advantage of podcasting.

Marketing through podcasting:

Podcasts can be a splendid marketing tool where you can share your content and market your brand. Some people listen to you and follow you, and this becomes tricky to make your follower aware of your brand while keeping your broadcast influencing.

Let’s say you want to market the floor lamps on gigalamp, the content you produce could be about the interior of a house. The content could contain the significance of floor lamp and how versatility in floor lamps can bring artistry to the interior. Visit to get to know about the finest quality of these lamps. In addition to that, this site entails a great content about the floor lamps and their cost, specifications and best choices. Reading that material would help you a lot in this regard.

Women are more likely to learn about the home décor ideas and other life hacks. Such podcasting would serve many purposes at the same time.

An educational tool:

Various schools and colleges have experimented podcasting as a teaching tool. The purpose behind this was promoting creative use of technology. Some teachers release their podcasts about different subjects for the convenience of their students. That allows the students to have access to the lectures at any time they need it. Numerous educational institutes have reported positive results after introducing podcasting to their students. Students can produce their own podcast as well that would be available for other classmates as well.

Talent boost up:

With an increasing trend of podcasting, people with some expertise are more likely to broadcast their material and let the audience know what they’ve got. An example here is of musicians who create their piece and podcast it. Moreover, they get the feedback from people. Likewise, it’s become a way to their successful career.


The points discussed above would have made it clear that how podcasting is bringing changes in our lives. Podcasting has been growing gradually over the past few years, and it would soon overhaul radio. The roles it plays would make it go a long way.

Communication Gap Between Parents and Children!

As the World progresses, human beings are becoming smarter than ever. The developing human brain has allowed scientists to come up with numerous inventions. One of the major fields of life where progress has happened is “communication.” You have often heard the phrase, ‘The World is small.’ This is indeed perfect, and it refers to the level of increased exchanges in the world. No matter where you are or what you do, you can be in contact with anyone anytime for sharing your ideas, business, school, or for other reasons.

Communication Gap Between Parents and Children!

Communication is a significant help to businessmen like Terence McCarthy of St. Pete who works to acquire and redevelop hotels, apartments, offices, and retirement communities. The company has been involved in real estate for a few decades now and understands the importance of a well-built building for a purpose. Furthermore, media communication has produced tremendous results.

Nowadays, you can easily find out about the influential persons like Presidents, Ministers, and Officials in various newspapers. For instance, Veterans Affairs fired four top officials and several were under investigation which received bonuses. The auditors reviewed the accounts and found out that data was often manipulated. Four administrators who were fired due to the scandal of negligence about the health care and they virtually receive one hundred thousand dollars. You can visit the link to get to know further about the total bonuses to give to all the VA members and the positions they were holding at that time.

However, with increasing communication methods, there have been hindrances that restrict people from sharing their thoughts openly without the means of technological devices. Additionally, people find it difficult to talk without getting into arguments because of clashing ideas.

Folks that are majorly impacted with these obstacles are parents and children. The communication gap between the two groups makes it increasingly difficult to be able to solve problems and find solutions. However, you can try some ways by which the gap between parents and children can be overcome:

  1. Be Rational:

One of the main reasons of conversations turning into riots is that both parties fail to be rational towards what others say. In this case, parents are expected to be more understanding since they are adults. To ensure that your child keeps you involved in their life, try to look at things in their perspective. Moreover, find a solution that you know will work best for them. Remember being rational in this case means understanding the child’s mentality.

  1. Do Not Repeat What You Are Saying:

Imagine if someone keeps repeating one thing over and over again how annoyed we get. The same is the case with children. Once you repeat a thing, they realize you are only persuading and not ready to communicate.

If your child is not listening to you, try talking to them and find out why they are not keen on doing what you say. You will find out so much with that rather than annoying them with one sentence all day. Once they tell you their reason of ignorance, no matter how unusual you find it, try to deal with it and come to a mutual negotiation.

  1. Control Your Tone:

Keep your tone calm and collective while talking to your child. Never raise your voice even though you want to. Not only your voice, keep your dialect neutral so that your child finds it easy to talk to you. By doing this, you realize your child is also keeping their tantrums to a minimum. It may be hard and frustrating, however, once you get the results, you will find worth it.  

Top Four Most Informative Trading Podcasts

Podcasts are audio files that get broadcasted live on radio. Often, they are available on the internet for people to download as well. Previously, podcasts weren’t that prevalent. While shuffling through radio channels whenever one heard people talking, instead of music, they used just to skip it but now times have changed. According to statistics, the number of podcast listeners has increased 23% between 2015 and 2016. What we often neglect is the fact that podcast makes us a good listener. It’s also an excellent source of knowledge.

Nowadays, there are podcasts available on every topic, especially business. If you want to enhance your knowledge on subjects such as business management, finance, or trading, then try listening to podcasts which have covered those areas. Moreover, the podcast is a medium through which professionals spread awareness about their respective fields. If you are beginning your career in trading and want to learn tips and tricks about it then here are four essential podcasts about trading.

Top Four Most Informative Trading Podcasts

  • 52traders Podcast with Cam Hawkins:

52traders is an ideal podcast for day traders. Its author is Andrew Cam Hawkins. It is a talk-show style podcast with weekly updates. The ideology behind the podcast is that over the course of a year, there are 52 podcasts upload every week. Each podcast will feature an interview with a profitable and professional trader who will enlighten you on the know-how and insider tricks of traders. This podcast is best for learning new trading strategies, trading psychology hacks, and money management tips. You can easily listen to it on iTunes, Android, and on the website of 52traders.

  • Trading Heroes Podcast by Hugh Kimura:

Founded by Hugh Kimura, Trading Heroes is one of the most beneficial podcast for Forex Traders. It is a day trading podcast which features successful traders like Justin Hertzberg and Juan Colon. Day trades, especially Forex day trading is one of the riskiest approaches to currency markets. Therefore, you need to be careful while doing business in the foreign exchange market. Trading heroes will also inspire you by its interviews of people with astonishing success stories.

  • Two Blokes Trading Podcast with Andrew Tom and Owen:

The Two Blokes Trading is an entertaining yet informative podcast which features Andrew Tom and Owen, both of whom are beginners in the trading market. They talk about the highlights of the week in trading and the new trends of markets. It is a learning experience as you hear the two guys talk about their journey to becoming skilled traders by working from home.

This podcast is not just a talking show because Tom and Owen also feature reviews about the various trending tools, books, and software. Listening to Forex trade related podcasts may provide you with knowledge about the latest software, such as the 1000pip Climber System. For those how don’t know about it, the 1000pip Climber System is a state of the art algorithm which in itself is a signal detector. Newbie traders can install it as a plug-in on Meta Trader. The term ‘pip’ in forex market represents the amount of money one is making. This algorithm continuously analyzes the Forex market for you and signals you on currency pairs, which makes it easier to increase your profits in forex marketing.

  • Trend Following Podcast with Michael Covel

Michael M. Covel is a well-known name in the industry of trading. Along with hosting a podcast and being an entrepreneur, Michael M. Covel is also a best-selling author and a film director. This podcast is not particularly for day trading because Trend Following’s guests include influential thinkers, psychologists, well-known economists, and traders. Often the guests are Nobel Prize winners, which makes the material of this podcast extremely useful. Therefore, you should give Trend Following a listen if you want to gain insight into the trading world.

Podcasts on Vacations

You might be planning that vacation this coming summer, but you really have no idea where to go. The truth is that the world is a very vast place, and you might be spoilt for choice, or have no idea of where to go. Before going on vacation, you need to consider the reasons why you’re going on vacation. People go on vacation for all sorts of reasons, and below are some of the reasons why people would want to go on vacation:

  • Because they want to
  • Because they have time off from work and just want to get away
  • To see new things and visit new places
  • To relax
  • To catch up with life, because remember, life isn’t going to stop and wait for you, it is always on the move
  • To have fun
  • To meet up with new people
  • For educational purposes
  • Religious purposes, such as pilgrimage

There are many ways that you can determine where to go for their vacation. They can read magazines, visit travel websites, get referrals from friends and relatives, on television and many more. One very important way of getting information about vacation destinations is by listening to vacation podcasts. This are podcasts by people who have been to various destinations, and they give you an idea of what to expect when you get there. The explain their personal experiences, and if a certain destination sparks your interest, you might want to do a little more research on it to determine if it is what you’re looking for. This way, you can also determine if it can accommodate your budget, if it’s for adults only, or also accommodates children. How far is it, and what are the activities that take place there.

occidental resorts

The Occidental Vacation Club

One of the ways that you can determine where to go for a vacation is by joining the Occidental Vacation Club. They can help you plan for the sort of vacation that you’re searching for, since they have knowledge of the best vacation destinations to fit all needs. With the Occidental Vacation Club, you will experience a timesharing vacation filled with luxury. As a member, you’ll be able to get discounted, all-inclusive rates, full-service all-inclusive resort facilities and services, concierge services, private check-in and check-out, personalized vacation planning from Occidental’s staff of travel planners, and as well as other benefits to ensure that you have a great vacation. Check out the list of the Occidental Resorts:

  • Occidental Grand Papagayo (Guanacaste, Costa Rica)
  • Occidental Grand Punta Cana (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)
  • Royal Hideaway Playacar (Riviera Maya, Mexico)
  • Occidental Grand Cozumel (Cozumel, Mexico)
  • Occidental Grand Nuevo Vallarta (Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico)
  • Occidental Grand Xcaret (Rivera Maya, Mexico)
  • Allegro Cozumel (Cozumel, Mexico)
  • Allegro Playacar (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

Due to their exclusive services, Occidental Vacation Club have won awards as seen below:

  • Six of its properties have been awarded the TripAdvisor 2012 Certificate of Excellence.
  • It has received the RCI Gold Crown Rating.
  • The club received the RCI President’s Club Award for 2012.


If you’re planning a vacation, you know where to look for ideas. You can listen to vacation podcasts, check vacation related websites, check with your Travel agent, or better still, join the Occidental Vacation Club so that you can take advantage of all the offers they have.

Tips for Recording A Killer Podcast – Voiceover Tips & Tricks

Brilliant sound recording was at one time the restrictive area of expert studios, radio stations and different settings deceived out with choice hardware. Yet, now, on account of advancement in technology and lower pricing, proficient level sound recording has moved within reach of for all reasons and for everyone.

So in the event that you’ve at any point needed to contact a wide gathering of people as a podcaster, there’s no time like the present. Nowadays, the distinction in quality created by proficient set-ups—with layers of soundproofing and expensive mouthpieces—don’t sound all that not quite the same as recordings made on a smaller budget. For the best recordings on a budget, look at this rundown of tips and apparatuses for the growing podcaster.

Tips for Recording A Killer Podcast - Voiceover Tips & Tricks

Picking a Good Microphone

Podcasting set-ups can differ, however much of the time, the two principal bits of hardware are a microphone and a PC. The microphone records sound, and the PC handle everything else, from recording and altering, to eventually accommodation and syndication. Extra parts, for example, a sound interface, blender, compressor and that’s just the beginning—can be valuable, yet they’re not required.

With regards to microphones, great ones don’t need to cost a fortune. Be that as it may, be careful about ones that are excessively cheap. You need to strike the correct balance  of cost versus quality. Incredible mics that sound like they cost hundreds more can go for any place between $100 to more than $200. This is why professional voice over artists knows the importance of a good microphone and why is it essential for recording clear and easy to understand voice over recordings. If you master the art of voice over recording then you can easily post a job or audition and either get hired or hire someone to work under you. It’s really a field that is blooming right now!

Remember that, in case you’re podcasting, you need a microphone that can concentrate on small zones, similar to the sounds leaving your mouth or a guest’s. The implicit receivers on a tablet or cell phone aren’t reasonable for proficient recording, since they get commotions originating from anyplace in the room. Unless you need to catch the squeaks of your seat or foundation discussions, you’ll require a devoted mic.

Picking Your Editing Software

Once you’re finished recording, you’ll presumably need to edit the documents to dispense with botches, abbreviate the length or simply enhance the sound quality. With programming, you can run a virtual compressor, limiter, or other processes over the sound. In the event that you have a decent ear, you can even change sound levels to give your voice more strength or trim out components you’re not content with.

Sound Recording and Editing Tips

When you have your microphone and editing software setup, you are prepared to record the main scene of your podcast. Method is just as imperative as the equipment and programming those records, so remember the following:

Keep your microphone at an edge: If you are breathing straightforwardly into your mic, your audience will hear it. You’ll end up sounding more like Darth Vader and less like an expert podcaster. Keep the amplifier approximately 45-degrees to either side of your mouth to support your sound nature of your voice.

Record in calm environment: Recording in a loud stay with kids out of sight, pots and skillet slamming in the kitchen, or a fan blowing in your face will make your podcast’s quality go down the drain. Utilizing a dynamic microphone may help beat back a portion of the encompassing sounds, yet it’s ideal to utilize a peaceful space with negligible resound.