Learn To Talk To Anyone about Anything by Expanding Your General Knowledge

Speaking and talking is something that comes completely natural to most people.  Everyone can talk but that does not mean that everyone has something to say. Some of the most popular and liked people in the world or even in your area don’t have the best looks, the best cars or the fanciest stuff.  They have the ability to make friends with anyone because they can talk to anyone about anything.  The only way to expand your general knowledge so you can enjoy small talk with anyone is by reading and reading and reading.

Learn To Talk To Anyone about Anything by Expanding Your General Knowledge

Learn to talk to elderly people

One of the hardest things to overcome when it comes to small talk is the age difference.  An age difference means a difference in interests.  The thing you like to talk about and love to enjoy is something that seniors don’t have time for anymore.  If you want to get along with seniors then it is time to get knowledgeable about the things they are passionate about such as;

Politics – Seniors love to talk about politics because they are the ones who helped shape the world into what it is right now.  If you can talk about politics then you can talk to any senior from any location.  One of the easiest ways to stay clued up on all the major happenings in your country is to start following news feeds on the Foundation for Defense of Democracy.  This organization is keeping you and everyone around you safe because they fight terrorism and promote freedom across the globe.  If you know what the FDD is up to then you will know what is happening in your world.

History – Seniors love to share memories of their past so it might help if you now a thing or two about history.  Learning about history is always great fun and interesting.

The world – Interesting sites and holiday destinations is also a good topic when you enjoy the company of elderly people because they are likely to have traveled a lot back in their days.

Learn to talk to youths

Modern youth is incredibly diverse.  Young people these days know everything – and not in a sarcastic way.  They are constantly browsing their smartphones and their knowledge on facts might just astound you.  When you talk to young people you should brush up on general knowledge such as;

Entertainment – Stay up to date on all the latest music, movies and TV shows because that is one of the biggest topics around.

Sport – Any sport topic like action sports, motor sports and dancing sports are terrific subjects for younglings.

Hobbies – Youths love to be active and they love to hear about all the terrific hobbies that they can try.

Gossip – Interesting facts and juicy news on friends and family is always great to share when you are talking to youths.

Jokes – Jokes are always a good topic and something terrific to share when you are surrounded by younglings.

If you have a good general knowledge you can cross all boundaries and you can finally speak to anyone about anything.  It is good to have a good general knowledge because you can remove a lot of awkward silences and you will become much more popular in just about everyone’s eyes.