How to Talk About Sports Even When You Do Not Know Details About It

There are moments when you will be forced to make some comments about sports even when you do not know anything about it. You are not the type to be interested in basketball, football, baseball and all other sports but there are some situations wherein you would be required to say some details about it.

For example, you would be in a party and the person you like starts asking about a certain sport and if you know anything about it. You do not want to show that you have no idea about what the person is talking about so you would fake it.

How to Talk About Sports Even When You Do Not Know Details About It

It will always help if you would make the effort to research about the team beforehand so you will not be completely unaware but if in case you have no choice and you really have to act like as if you know something about the sport, you can just make some simple comments and try to go elsewhere. This will give you a chance to mingle with other people in the party who may not be as sports-crazy as the first person that you have spoken with.

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Now that you know how sports can be useful to you, remember these simple tips that will allow you to gain more information about sports without having to spend too much time on it:

  1. Listen to the conversations of the people around you. There is a very big possibility that you know some people who are fans of certain sports. Listen when they talk and you are going to pick up some details that will help you talk about sports if you have to.
  2. Let people know that you do not know a lot of details about it. Why are you going to pretend that you are a big sports fan when you are not? It will be hard for you to talk about something that you know nothing about. Allow people to know that you only know a few details but not so much for you to really understand everything about it.
  3. Take notice when you read details about sports in newspapers or when you see some news on television. The simple details will be easy to remember and you can contribute those details you have learned the next time that you speak with someone who is passionate about that sport.

With all of these tips to remember, talking about sports even when you are not too interested in it will not be too hard to accomplish.