How to Regain Your Communication Career

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that the past has been haunting you or you have experienced de JA vu? Then all hope is not lost. There are many people who experience the same, and people who are actually going through it. In some cases, the past prevents future progress and gets in the way of our development. That makes us stall in our career and may be the reason why that promotion at work was given to someone else. Truth is there are many ways you can explore your past lives and can be a game changer in your future life. Maybe it’s an act in the past that’s holding us and preventing our progress. Some of the ways you can move past your past life and regain your communication career include:


This is a great way for past life regression. Hypnosis helps one to tap into the subconscious to know the root of the challenge. It operates on the belief that the subconscious mind might be aware of what we may not know and most of the past life experiences that may be installing fear or stopping progress may be in the subconscious. With hypnosis, there is self-discovery which can help in identification of unwanted behaviors from the past life that may be stopping their progress.

How to Regain Your Communication Career

Embracing fear

It is common for an incident where a past failure created fear in us which prevents us from going to deeper heights. Everyone should understand that failure is part of life and hence it should not create fear. It is also important to deal with the fear as if it is not dealt with it will still be there which means it will continue being on the way preventing us from achieving more.

Talking about it

Talking about something that is bothering way is a great way of dealing with fears and past life regression. Talking about the concern to a therapist or a friend may help in identifying the source of the problem which can in turn help in finding a solution to it.


Meditation and mindfulness is a great way of dealing with the past. Meditation can help us to regain peace with our past which can make a big difference to our present lives.

Seek spirituality

As much as there have been many arguments about spirituality, truth is there is some higher power somewhere and it is very strong. Soul searching is very important and the higher power may give answers to questions that we would never find answers.


As much as you may feel that your past is getting in the way of your present progress that may not be necessarily the case. If you are not achieving success in your communication career it may be due to other reasons. Maybe doing an evaluation to know your weaknesses and work on them may go a long way. Also learning something new every day may be very helpful too.