How to Make People Listen to What You Have to Say

Every day of your life, you communicate with people. You communicate with your friends, with your family members and your loved ones. Do you feel that they can always understand what you are trying to say? If yes, then you are lucky.

Sometimes you speak because you have to propose a new business plan. There will be days when you have some bright ideas that you feel will truly improve the quality of the work that you can bring in but what if people won’t listen to you? Your ideas will be wasted.

Do not worry because there are different things that you can do in order to let people focus on you and what you have to say. Whether you are going to talk about cnc milling machines or other things will not matter as long as you can get people’s attention. Do you already know the things that you can do? Read on to find out more details.

How to Make People Listen to What You Have to Say

  1. Before speaking, make sure that you have already taken the attention of the people that you are going to speak to.

Perhaps you can address the person by his/her name so that the person will know that you are speaking to him/her. At the same time, calling a person through the name can make them stop and truly listen. If you are speaking to a huge group of people, call their attention first before proceeding. If you are just going to talk without trying to get their attention, you know that nothing good is going to happen to you.

  1. Know the right things to say.

It can be different depending on who you are speaking with. If you are with a group of people that you trust and care for and feel the same towards you then you can just choose words that you normally use but if you are going to speak with associates and bosses, choose the right terms to present your idea thoroughly.

  1. Pay attention to the tone of your voice.

Do you think that the tone of your voice is appropriate for the discussion? If you are going to be overly dramatic or too perky, the people who are trying to listen to you will cringe and will try to block out your voice. They may not understand anything that you are trying to say. Of course, you also need to pay attention to how loud your voice is. Do not speak too loudly if you are not supposed to do so.

  1. Take a chance to listen too.

When presenting your ideas, you cannot expect that people will eat up what you are going to say immediately. They will have some questions and concerns that you have to listen to. Be open minded if they are going to give constructive criticism and remember that like you, other people would also want to be listened to.

If you need to make some hand gestures, if you need to modulate your voice and if you need to practice what you are going to say ahead of time, then do so. Do everything that you can in order to make people listen to you.