How to Make Money With Voice Acting

Have you ever been told that you have a voice that can be perfect for voice acting? Perhaps people love listening to your voice and they have told you that being in the radio can be perfect for you. You may have considered making this as your profession.

It is not as easy as being recognized for having a great voice because basically, a lot of people in this world have great voices. There are different things that you should learn before you actually become recognized and before you get paid. What do you think are the basics that will allow you to stand out from the competition?

How to Make Money With Voice Acting

Some Tips To Remember

Honing your acting skills is important!

You may think that just because you have a great voice, it is already enough to make you last long in the industry. You are just one of the male voice actors that are available and there will always be other people who may sound better than you. You can stand out if you have great acting skills to boot. Remember to read some story books and even some books that would require different dialogues and you have to practice how you are going to act them out. Some are naturally good at it while there are also some who would need to make a lot more effort.

Let other people listen to you.

If you are only going to critique yourself, this can be a bit complicated because you may be biased or you may put down yourself a lot even if you are already doing well. In order to be sure about the quality of your voice and the performance that you are giving, get your friends and family members who would be honest in giving their opinions so that they can judge your performance.

Set up your own equipment

If you would like to become noticed, you may have to produce your own home studio wherein you can do your recordings and demonstrations. You may want to start out with simple equipment first so that if it does not work out, it will not be too much for your pocket. As you make more money doing this job, you can start updating your equipment.

The Little Things

There are some things that you may forget that are important in the voice industry such as the following:

  • Breathing – It should not be too evident when you are doing your monologue or dialogue because it might be distracting to the listener.
  • Pauses – Are you pausing too fast or too slow? You should pause the way that your character is talking or how you are expected to pause.
  • Popping Sounds – There are some words that can be irritating for some people especially when the mic is right in front of you so make sure that you will regulate this appropriately.

These are just some of the details that you have to remember so that you can become noticed as one of the voice actors in the industry.