How to Inspire People to Be Healthy

As a motivational speaker, you have one goal and that is to inspire people to change their lives for the better. You may be assigned to speak to an audience who should start exploring healthier food options however, you are feeling a bit loss because you do not know what to say.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you believe in what you are going to say. How can you inspire people to eat healthy when you can barely bring yourself to shop for organic food and other products? You need to practice what you preach because this is the only way that you can reach out to your audience.

You need to pay attention to the speech or the presentation that you are going to prepare. You have to make sure that you will not say anything that can insult or criticize other people. When you say things that are negative, your audience will become aloof and they will have a tendency to go against what you are saying.

How to Inspire People to Be Healthy

You may want to do enough researching first about people’s health, eating and fitness habits from Dove Medical Press and other resources. Once you have acquired all of the details that you need, that is the time when you can start creating your speech that will help motivate others. Here are a few things you should remember:

  1. Give them an idea about creating small goals that are easy to reach. Stress the fact that if they would be creating goals that are impossible to reach, their tendency is to feel sad and let down because they were not able to do what they were supposed to. Give them some ideas about the small goals they should reach for.
  2. Share some stories about your own road to being healthy. It will be easier for people to become inspired if they know that you have gone through the same hardships that they are about to go through as well. Tell them some funny stories about your mistakes and how you were able to correct them. People may get inspired based on your stories alone.
  3. Tell them some helpful tips that will make it easier for them to start losing weight. You know that it will be easier for people to burn calories if they would eat small meals every 2 – 3 hours. Tell this information to your audience so that they will take note of it and follow.
  4. Think of a message that is inspiring. You can make it clear to your audience that anybody can be healthy. Let them know that health is not only about size. It is about being strong. There are some people who may be considered “too small” or “too big” for society but they are stronger than people who seem fit.

Always remind people that they should not be limited by their size alone. Stress the fact that they cannot let the scale dictate how they are going to feel throughout the day. They should not let the scale stop them from being motivated to reach their health goal.