How to Get Over Stage Fright

Do you usually suffer from anxiety disorder? This may be brought about by your unhealthy diet that contributes to your unhealthy way of thinking. Perhaps you would like to check out Gymshark UK to learn more about how you can be healthier. When you pay more attention to your health, there is a bigger chance that you do not have to worry about stage fright anymore.

You may think that you are suffering from stage fright because you have never been on stage before but you do not have to worry because even professionals get stage fright from time to time. How will you know if you have stage fright? You will usually begin to feel nervous and unsure about the things that you are going to do.

How to Get Over Stage Fright

If you are going to speak in front of a huge audience, it will always help if you already know the things that you are going to talk about. You have practiced what you are going to say for a long period of time so why should you feel scared now? You have to fake your confidence even if you feel like screaming inside because if you look nervous, people will not take the things that you say seriously. Are you still worried? Here are some things to remember:

  • Relax your body. Do something that you know will help you relax. For example, if you know that chewing gum will help you, then have some gum handy. It will help you keep your mind off certain things. Just do not chew gum for a long time as it may upset your stomach especially if you have not eaten.
  • Do not eat too much before you are going to speak. If you become too nervous, there is always a possibility that you are going to vomit your stomach’s contents and you do not want this to happen especially not in front of a huge crowd. If you do not want to start speaking in an empty stomach, what you can do is to eat a banana. It will always help.
  • Try to avoid drinking coffee. You may be a coffee drinker who needs to have coffee in order to start your day but when you drink too much coffee, you may become jittery and more paranoid about the things that are going to happen. It will not help you perform better if you have taken in too much caffeine.
  • Laugh before you actually speak. It will help if you could talk with someone that you are truly comfortable with who will offer words of support before you actually go on stage. This will help you feel more relaxed and ready to conquer your fear.
  • Get to the venue early. There is nothing more daunting than seeing your audience waiting for your to arrive. Sometimes, it will be enough to unnerve you and you just want to get away from the place. Try to avoid this from happening so just get to your venue early.

With all of these tips in mind, you will be able to conquer the stage next time you are asked to speak in front of a huge crowd.