How to Find New Topics for Your Medical Podcast

Podcasts are a popular medium for sharing information about a vast array of topics, and the fields of health and medicine are no exception. Most people are incredibly curious about the conditions that affect themselves or their loved ones, as well as any being discussed throughout major news outlets. However, finding a topic to speak about isn’t always easy.

In fact, once your medical podcast has been on the air for a while, it may feel like it is getting harder to find new topics to discuss during your shows. But, that doesn’t mean you need to rehash topics you have already covered. Instead of resorting to old standbys, consider looking to new sources for some of the latest information. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some easily accessible resources that may provide the inspiration you need.

How to Find New Topics for Your Medical Podcast

National Institute of Health

The National Institute of Health provides access to information designed for everyone from medical professionals to curious web surfers. The information is regularly updated, and many of the front page options are changed to reflect concerns that relate to the current season and recent medical news. That means it is easy to stay relevant with the times without having to search too deeply into the site.

However, if your podcast focuses on a specific selection within the larger medical field, you can find in-depth information regarding most common medical conditions, procedures, medications, and more.

Dove Medical Press

A peer-reviewed online journal, Dove Medical Press publishes information regarding a wide range of medical topics from authors around the globe. Some of the research is cutting-edge, and much of it is discussed at a high level. However, if your average listener is a member of the medical community, these topics may be ideal. Otherwise, if you can translate some of this information into language that appeals to those interested in the subject but without a medical degree, then you have a source for fresh content whenever you need it.


WebMD has become a household name when it comes to relevant medical information that is accessible to the masses. This can make it an ideal source of information for individuals looking for podcast topics that might appeal to a wide audience.

As with many health-oriented sites, information is regularly updated to reflect the top concerns of the time as well as seasonal issues. Additionally, detailed information regarding a variety of conditions, medications, and procedures is available, as well as helpful tips to assist in managing appointments more effectively, tracking the health condition of a loved one, and much more.

Searching with Care

If you look for other sources online, it is important to take care when you search. Not everything printed online is accurate, and medical information is no exception. Before you cite information in a podcast, you need to confirm that the source is reputable. If you get information from a site that you are not overly familiar with, then you should attempt to confirm that information on a source that you trust. If you are unable to do so, then it may be better to leave that information out instead of risking your reputation as an authority on the subject of health and medicine.