How to Boost the Popularity of Useful Podcasts

Many people believe that podcasts will be the information transfer method of the future because it is much easier to pop a set of earphones into your ears and listen to news, information and jokes than it is to actually sit and read.  Podcasts can be great for advice, sales, marketing and even for how to instructions.  But the downside of podcasts is that you cannot find the information on the podcast on Google’s search engine results.  Information that is within these audio files will have to be retyped on websites so search engines can find the info and link back to the site which basically renders your podcast useless. And because they cannot find the information within the podcast on the net the likelihood of popular downloads for your podcast is very little.  Before creating a podcast you should study up on the best ways to boost podcast popularity so you can be more successful.

How to Boost the Popularity of Useful Podcasts

Do keyword research for podcast name and description

Your podcast will contain a name and this name or description of your podcast should contain the right keywords.  If you have the right keyword in your podcast title, downloaders will still be able to find your podcast from search engine results which improves the likelihood of a download.  Now there can be plenty of keywords for the same topic but to get the most interest you need to find the matching keyword that most people will use when they search Google.  On you can check out a terrific article that will guide you to the Best Free Keyword Tool that you can use to look up relating keywords with the highest ratings.  Once you have the top rated matching keyword you can name your podcast as well as for a short description of the podcast.

Use backlinks

A backlink is a link that is inserted into an advert or article that the internet user can click on to be guided back to a website, blog or even a certain podcast.  You should include a backlink to the podcast to all matching products, services, adverts and blogs so people will be directly guided towards the podcast and download the audio file directly.

Create a share function

If listeners can share the podcast with friends and family or send an instant link back to the podcast to friends and family then you can use viewers to promote your podcast because people are much more likely to click on a certain link when that link is shared by family and friends.  Try to get a share function on your audio file so listeners can easily share with friends.

Make your podcast useful, funny or interesting

Internet viewers won’t download your podcast if there isn’t something helpful on the file.  Your podcast should either be useful, funny or informative or the file will only be seen as a junky commercial for which no one has time or money.  Make your podcasts useful even if that means sharing a bit of secret information or losing a bit of money on your side.