How often should you go to the dentist?

Maintaining oral hygiene requires many recurring efforts and regular visit to your dental professional is one of them. Thought of visiting dentist is petrifying in itself but, it is always good to remain aware about how often you should visit your dentist. Most of the doctors recommend going for complete dental check up after every 6 months, but it depends completely on how good you maintain your oral cleaning habits on daily basis.

If you practice all the cleaning techniques in apt manner like brushing, flossing and mouth-wash etc then your dental visit can finish on a happy note and you may require fewer visits per year. On the other hand, if you are not that attentive towards your oral hygiene then you might need multiple frequent visits.

how often you should go to the doctor

Regular Visits

It is very obvious that visiting your dentist is completely proportional to your oral health. People suffering with various health problems may need more number of consultations. However, in general, you should plan a dental visit after every 6 months. Most of the people, could not manage a visit after every 6 months, in that case, they should go for visit at least once a year.

Next, major question is how often should you take your children on dental visits? This is pretty obvious that kids are more prone to oral problems because of their eating habits, especially, if your kids have secondary tooth. As compared to primary teeth, tooth decay occurs more rapidly in secondary teeth. If at any moment you feel your kid is suffering from any dental or oral problem, take them to dentist immediately. You can also take them along with you on general dental visits.

Symptoms when you should visit

You should also keep a watch on various dental signs. In case, you experience any of them then, you should plan a visit immediately without wasting time.

  • Sensitivity: If you feel sensitivity while eating/drinking anything hot or cold.
  • Pregnancy: All the pregnant women must go for dental check-up during the pregnancy tenure.
  • Gum Bleeding: If you experience bleeding in gums while flossing or brushing.
  • Unable to Chew/Swallow: If at any moment while eating you feel trouble in chewing and swallowing.
  • Bad Breath and Bad taste: If you are consistently suffering from bad breath or bad taste.
  • Medical Conditions: In case, you have some medical history like blood sugar, HIV, cardiovascular illness or any other history.
  • Smoking and Tobacco: If you have habit of smoking and tobacco chewing.

What you should expect in the visit?

When you will visit your dentists, they will put queries regarding your recent medical history and examine your mouth thoroughly. If you have gum diseases, they will use proper equipments to check your gums and prescribe proper medications to resolve the issue.

Sometimes, dentists also go for major tests like cancer to ensure your mouth is 100% free from all the serious ailments. When you will visit dentists with any specific symptom, they will take prompt action and in cases of cavity and plaque they will start adequate diagnosis and treatment. This can sometime include dosage of sedatives to keep the procedure painful for you.


In the nutshell, there is no fix formula to answer how often you should visit dentist because this can vary from person to person and their oral health. However, a large percentage of people visit about twice a year. In case, you do not experience any symptom of oral problem then also, you must go for dental check-ups at least once or twice in a year. In fact, you must keep a day fix for complete family’s dental check up to keep your family free from all the dental troubles and lead a happy and fresh life.

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