How did Clash of Clans Became One of the Most Played MMO Games

It is very likely that you have heard about Clash of Clans or CoC even though you have not played it yet. The reason is because the game is to popular not to heard or saw so much about it. It is an MMO or Massive Multiplayer Online game that is extremely popular these days. The game can be downloaded in any iOS or Android device. Because it is very well liked by too many people, it is among the longest running game for most smart phones. The app was first release in the US and Canada market in 2012. Now, it was already enjoyed by lots of people from around the globe. In fact, it is available in different languages too. Many would ask, why such game became very popular and a market favorite for quite some time.

The real answer would be related to satisfaction that it gives to its players. On the whole, you will absolutely find the game very satisfying. The satisfaction is not just due to the pretty high ratings that it got but also the various features that it can offer to the players.

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans download is available for free. It can either be played alone or through multi player option. With this game, there is a notice of key point. This differs from all the other games that you can play elsewhere as it is not concentrated on a single part. Both the single or multiplayer function is supported simultaneously. Players are able to select an option not to play any of the two modes of the game play. Hence, flexibility is offered to the users. This is a factor that most players are looking to get even with MMO game.

Another well known game would be Dota 2. This is also a global hit game that there are even tournaments held for such game. It is known as e-sports. As with Clash of Clans that can only be played on smart phones and tablets, it can even compete in terms of popularity with Dota 2. Even though the Clash of Clans is free for downloads, SuperCell, its developer still earn huge revenue through the in-app purchases of the game. Learn more at

The in-app purchases are not mandatory. These are optional and it depends on the customer if he would like to buy coins or gems or just earn it instead. However, for the people who got extras on their wallet would usually go ahead and make purchases in order to be ahead in the game.

The other reason why it is well-known is connected to its simple and easy to use interface. Thus, it is no longer debatable that playing the game makes one happy. When we sum it all up, those are basically why the game is very addicting for lots of people not just in a particular age group but to varying ages as well. With flexibility and simplicity combined, any game can truly be popular.

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