How Coffee Can Help You in Improving Your Podcast

Coffee is not a drug, but coffee can help you a great deal in making your podcasts better.  Coffee has high levels of caffeine which wakes up your system and brings it back to life. There is a good reason why many people take coffee in the morning, it gives them a good feeling and wakes up their system which is needed for the day. There have been misconceptions about coffee linking it to insomnia and indigestion but there is no clear evidence to it. Some of the reasons you should take coffee include:

Coffee wakes up your system

Yes coffee wakes up your system. When you take coffee, caffeine is absorbed in your bloodstream which then goes to your brain leading to emission of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine which can help in increasing your energy levels and that is why coffee makes you feel less tired. It helps in improving your mood and brain function which you will need in doing your podcasts.

How Coffee Can Help You in Improving Your Podcast

Coffee provides a short term memory boost

There is nothing as good as a memory boost especially if you are doing a podcast. It will help you to remember all the vital things that you need to incorporate in your podcast message which will increase the quality of your podcast.  According to studies, the caffeine in coffee affects particular areas of the brain that are associated with memory and concentration as well as cognitive activity. The effect however may vary from person to person, it depends with an individual.

Coffee helps to keep you healthier

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants that help in fighting toxins and inflammation that are main causes of many diseases such as cancer and arthritis among many others. Antioxidants will help in neutralizing free radicals which are major causes of oxidative stress that leads to chronic diseases. Anti-oxidants in general protect our cells from damage which is good for our health.  This will make sure that you are in sound health to do your podcasts and can even be healthier for longer.

Coffee helps to curb stress and depression

If you are stressed no matter how hard you try to conceal it, people can still be able to tell that you are stressed from your voice and your tone. Therefore it is important that you do your podcast while you are stress free and one of the tricks is incorporating coffee. According to many studies, coffee is known to reduce stress and depression. The caffeine in it aids in activating neurotransmitters that help in controlling your mood.


Clearly as seen above there are many benefits associated with coffee that is worth trying out. With a good intake, the quality of your podcasts should be able to improve, of course other factors remaining constant. You however need the best espresso maker to make it the best experience. Of course there is an option for buying readymade coffee, but for a long-term personalized solution you need a machine.