Great Podcasts for High School Students

High school students are daily inundated with nonsensical, useless information. In fact, much of the public education system could better be deemed a joke. However, there are some great podcasts out there that can supplement this ridiculous trend.

High school, and the years that follow, are supposed to be populated with amazing adventures because eventually you will get too old and too tied down to do much. Rustic Pathways offers you the ability to plan spring and summer forays in exciting destinations.

Great Podcasts for High School Students

You can take your podcasts with you and enjoy the luxury of beaches, forests, or other incredible locales. Determining which podcasts to take will be more challenging than utilizing the Rustic Pathways catalog. But, that’s why we have created this list for you.

20 Must Have Podcasts for All Occasions

Choosing the podcasts that will best serve your high school years might be a little overwhelming. After all, it seems everyone has some sort of social media broadcast going on. So, this list of 20 must have podcasts for all occasions should help you make an informed decision before hitting the touring and vacation circuit:

  1. A Way with Words– The history and culture of language examined and explained.
  2. 60 Second Health– Produced by Scientific American, this is a podcast you don’t want to miss when it comes to matters of your health and wellness while traveling or just hanging out at home.
  3. The Naked Scientist– Listen to these podcasters to get science in the raw.
  4. Good Job, Brain!- An offbeat quiz show that provides some pretty nifty trivia.
  5. Practical Defense– Stay safe in the dangers of this society.
  6. Stuff You Should Know– The name says it all.
  7. Stuff to Blow Your Mind– The amount of topics available will blow your mind before you even start listening to this.
  8. eBay Radio– Considering being an online seller? Listen to the information provided for you on this podcast.
  9. Rise to the Top– Learn about how to create and sell digital products.
  10. TED Talks– News and current issues populate this podcast’s archives.
  11. On Being– This podcasts focuses on the big questions about existence and purpose.
  12. This I Believe– Listen to essays by various people about their fervent beliefs.
  13. Here be Monsters- Learn more about this bizarre podcast here.
  14. What it Takes– Intimate discussions with incredible people, like Maya Angelou.
  15. Practical Money Skills– The keys to financial literacy are provided via this podcast.
  16. Start Up Nation– If you are thinking about building a business, they’ve got great advice.
  17. Talking Animals- Those interested in animal welfare will find great value in this podcast.
  18. Witness- News told by the people who were there to witness it.
  19. Stash and Burn– If you want to learn to knit, this is the podcast for you.
  20. Tips and Tricks Photography– Learn how to take the best photos ever, while you’re exploring the world.

These podcasts should be downloaded to your iTunes account or wherever else you choose to store them. They will provide you with better educational materials than the teachers who lecture you for nearly 7 hours, five days a week. And besides, you will learn some pretty cool things about life, science, or maybe even knitting.