Encouraging Healthy Living to Your Listeners

Just like television, the radio can be a great platform to reach out to the public. If you are in a position where hundreds of people look to you for advice, use that platform to help people live better. If you are a disc jockey, then maybe you can encourage your listeners to practice a healthy living lifestyle. Lending a hand to people will not just make the world a better place; you will also get a sense of fulfillment from it.

Why healthy living?

Today’s modern society is filled with countless of unnecessary things like junk food and chemically treated foods. These toxic things can be very harmful to our bodies and if we don’t start cleaning up, our health can deteriorate pretty quickly. When you are younger, your body can breakdown these toxic elements but as you get older, it will become harder to naturally get rid of the junk you put inside your system. It is best to start healthy living before you turn 30 but it is never too late to revert your ways even when you are past your 40s.

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How to spread the word

If you are already knowledgeable about healthy living, share your ways and methods to your listeners. Because you are in a position where people go to for advice and recommendations, you can easily use your voice to encourage your fans. Since you are already in the business of talking, then you are most likely already comfortable discussing any kind of topic that comes to mind.

Make sure that you make discussions fun and a little more interactive. However good your cause is, if it is not delivered properly, people can lose interest. So, make sure to add fun twists to your discussions. Share your own experiences, if you are also practicing a healthy lifestyle and maybe incorporate games and rewards into the conversations.

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Healthy Living 101

Diet – Food is typically the first step to cleaning up your system. Get rid of the junk and start making healthier food choices. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake and go for foods that are rich in anti-oxidants. Some of the top detox foods include nuts, Goji berries, onions, beets, pineapple and avocados.

Exercise – Sweating it out is a must to ensure you get rid of the toxicity in your system. Make sure to find time to exercise regularly. Whether you prefer brisk walking, trekking, trail running, lifting at the gym or other cardio activities, the important thing is you do it as regularly as you can.

Home products – Living a truly healthy lifestyle does not end with diet and exercise. If you really want to clean up, you should also consider making smarter choices at home. Several household products are made from harsh chemicals, which can be very harmful to your family. While accidently inhaling small amounts of these can seem harmless, they can have very negative effects on the body in the long run. So, chuck off these toxic products and choose green and natural items.

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