Communication Skills for Nurses

For a nurse, great communications skills are very important because it is through this that she gets to know the needs of her patients, and also advise and help them. They speak to all sorts of people, different education levels, social standings, cultural differences, religions and many more, and it is therefore very important that the nurses possess certain communication skills. That is what we are going to look at in this article, communication skills for nurses:

Communication Skills for Nurses

Speak Slowly

Speaking slowly makes it easier for other people to understand what a nurse is saying. When spoken fast, certain words can sound the same, and this would take away the chances of that.

Speak Clearly, Not Loudly

It is not advisable to raise your voice, and especially to the older people, in a bid to make them understand clearer. It makes it harder for them to comprehend what one is saying, instead try and speak more clearly.

Avoid Using Slang

Avoid using bigger and more complicated words as well as slang terms that are inappropriate.

Remember Your Audience

One needs to choose their words properly, to make sure that they fit the situation and the audience. A good example is to use a word like medicine instead of drug when addressing patients since drugs, according to them, are illicit substances.

Stop and Listen

This is one of the most important skills that a nurse can possess, stopping and actually listening to the other person. Listening is a very powerful communication skill.


Nurses should always reflect on what the other person is saying to them, even repeating it out aloud back to the person. If you’re wrong, they will correct you before it is too late.

Use Body Language

In addition to talking, it is important to communicate with gestures, postures and facial expressions. Just make sure not to pass conflicting messages.

Know Your Communication Roadblock

We all know those words that leave us frustrated because we cannot understand them. Knowing that they exist can help you find your ways around those situations. There are also situations like crying, if you get emotionally affected to the point that you can’t communicate. The sooner that you know how to manage them, the better.

Learning a Foreign Language

It is important to consider learning a foreign language since it makes one more in touch with their native language and open up their use of words they already know.

Don’t Forget Other Methods of Communication

One also needs to improve on their reading and writing skills.

Best Stethoscope for Nursing Students

Since we are talking about nurses, we might as well look at a device that is used by all nurses, the stethoscope. We are going to try and figure out a good stethoscope for nursing students that one can purchase.

Top Stethoscopes for Nursing Students:

  • Littmann Lightweight
  • Littmann Classic II S.E.
  • Littmann Pediatric
  • Littmann Master Classic II
  • Littmann Cardiology III

The Benefits of a Good Stethoscope


It picks up the noises of the blood pressure, heart, lung sounds and digestive noises, easing the physical exam and leading to accurate assessment and proper diagnosis.


Go for a stethoscope that is easy on the ears, and not one that is uncomfortable. Go for one with a good ear tip for the best experience.

Ease of use

Go for one that is easy to use, whether it needs frequent adjustments or tuning of diaphragms.


For the best quality stethoscopes, go for the Littmann stethoscopes. You might also opt for MDF Stethoscopes, Ultrascopes, and Welch Allyn for your nursing needs.

What to Look for in the Best Stethoscope for Nursing Students

Different stethoscopes come with different features, but there are some features that one has to look out for as mentioned below:

  • Solid chestpiece
  • Durable diaphragm
  • Bell made from high-quality, flexible materials
  • Thick, nonlatex tubing with large, internal bore
  • Angled, soft sealing ear-tips
  • Clear and crisp sound quality

Stethoscopes with all these features come at a cost of between $60 and $90.


Being student nurses, it is only right to assume that the cost of the devices is a priority. Many of the best stethoscopes cost a fortune, but there are also those that would not break the bank. Below is a list of some that nursing students can try out:

  • Littmann Lightweight
  • Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope
  • Littmann Select

When one is done with nursing school, they can upgrade to better and more expensive models such as:

  • Littmann Classic II
  • Littmann Master Classic

Nurses dealing with cardiology and pulmonology can go for:

  • Littmann Cardiology III
  • Littmann Master Cardiology

Anatomy of a Stethoscope

A stethoscope consists of three parts:

  • Headpiece – this is the earpiece
  • Tubing – should have a comfortable length and some come with quality double layer tubing
  • Chestpiece (or head) – they come in single, two sided and triple head chestpieces


Nurses need to have impeccable communication skills in order to understand the needs of their patients. We also looked at some stethoscopes that student nurses can consider getting. The choice is now up to you as a nurse to improve your communication skills and get the right stethoscopes for the job.