Career Opportunities in Radio

The radio industry is a fun business to work in. Here, you’ll able to inspire listeners, communicate with the public, build your career, expand your reach, and more importantly, use your talent and do what you love. But some people are a bit skeptical to pursue a career in the radio because they think that the jobs here are only limited. If you’re one of them, then worry no more. The truth is there are so many job opportunities in the radio industry, and these are only some of them:

career in radio

Radio Broadcast Journalist

A radio broadcast journalist researches, investigates, and presents news stories and factual information for a wide range of audience. This is great for those who have open, enquiring mind.

Disc Jockey

Radio DJs work for radio stations, and mix and select recorded music for an audience. They may specialize in different types of music, such as pop, rock, alternative, R&B, rap, and country. If you have passion in music, then this can be a great radio career option for you.

Radio Commercials Producer

Radio commercial producers generate advertising ideas for radio stations. They are also responsible in managing the commercial management of a program and promoting the radio station via radio, internet, and other platforms. This is ideal for people with creativity and great interest in advertising.

Radio News Editor

Radio editors gather issues, stories, information, news, and ideas for a radio show program. They ensure that all the stories to be presented on air are factual, fresh, and compliant with the industry standards. This position is great for people with ability to generate original ideas and skills in writing and story-telling.

Marketing Manager

Radio marketing managers are responsible in marketing the services of radio stations/programs, as well as increasing brand awareness, attracting potential advisers, and growing their audience. If you have creativity and good communication and marketing skills, this is a great career option for you.


Just like in other industry, bookkeepers working in radio stations are responsible for recording and keeping track of all the money that a radio station receives and spends. Depending on their specialty, they may also be responsible in preparing taxes, calculating payroll, and handling other important financial transactions. If you have a strong aptitude for numbers, and have great organizational and computer skills, this job is great for you.


A secretary is responsible in assisting program producers and other staff to ensure that a show runs smoothly as possible. His or her duties may also include doing some clerical work, such as recording radio programs, answering calls, photocopying documents, sending e-mails, and making guests comfortable. This position is ideal for people with great customer relation and computer skills.

HR Manager

Similar to a typical office setting, HR managers working in radio stations supervise and monitor employees, interview potential station employees, and administer company policies. This is ideal for people with great communication, management, and organizational skills.

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