Brilliant Ways to Make Money Through Podcasts

According to the Infinite Dial Study (2017) conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital, the number of monthly podcast listeners is 67 million in America. These statistics show us the prevailing trends of podcasts which are growing day by day. In this fast-paced era, people prefer to fill their time with informative things.

One way to do this is by reading books, and the other is with the help of podcasts. The primary reason behind the rise of podcasts is because not everyone likes to read since it is a task that requires a person’s full attention. When compared to reading a book, podcasts are more lenient as you can listen to one even when you are busy doing other things like cooking or driving.

If you are passionate about blogging but don’t like the visual aspect of it then starting a podcast just might be the thing for you. Plus, once you start it and get enough listeners to be recognized, you can even start making money from your podcast. Therefore, by doing so, you will not only be following your passion but earning from it as well.

Brilliant Ways to Make Money Through Podcasts

Here are a few tips that podcasters can use to gain profit:

  1. Educate others:

31% percent of America’s population of age group 25-54 years listens to podcasts. People in this age bracket normally have a job and are often looking for ways to excel in their work. The podcast can be a source of knowledge for these people. You can host podcasts related to the different fields of work such as business, teaching, cooking, entrepreneurship, etc. Since individuals who work have a busy schedule, they can listen to podcasts in their free time (even when they are performing a chore!).

Invite experienced people and other podcasters to your audio blog. Moreover, co-hosting with various podcasters will lead to an increase in your listeners since people who already have a show will bring their audience to your show as well.

  1. Write books:

While this does not include any speaking skills, writing and selling your work can help you gain recognition in the market. If you run a successful podcast and have a huge fan following, then you can write a book about your journey of becoming an active podcaster. In the book, you can include insider tips and tricks such as how to reach out to the people or how to start a podcast, etc. These things might positively influence other aspiring podcasters and help them make a name for themselves in the audio blog business.

  1. Advertisements:

The one downside of writing a book is that it might not sell much. Therefore, you need an option that’s bound to bring in some real money and advertisements are perfect for this job. So, reach out to brands and businesses to ask if they would like to promote their products and services through your podcast.

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