Best Radio Stations in Nova Scotia

Best Radio Stations in Nova Scotia

The radio within Nova Scotia is varied, with stations offering audio services over the radio as well as podcasts, such as business podcasts. The maritime province has a population of around 940,000, so all of these people need something to feed their appetite for entertaining radio. Here is a list of some of the best stations in the area, what they offer and where you can find them.

Hope 98.5FM

This radio station plays all sorts of music and also gets involved in the local community through charity events and other means. A quick browse of their website shows you how they raise money within the local community. They support local small businesses as well, making them a figure within the area. Their office can be found at 217 Harmony Ridge, Harmony, Nova Scotia, B6L 3P4.

AYR/Magic 94.9FM

This station prides itself on the fact that they play everything, so if you are looking for diversity, these are the ones to search for. They have great contests that take place on their shows, such as movie-music related questions and a chance to win free meals. They also report news, and in particular, make snow reports for those who are looking out and wondering about the weather. The station also gets involved within the local community and makes a difference within the area.

Seaside FM

Found at 105.9FM this is a community based radio station that is manned by volunteers and is based in the Eastern Passage of Nova Scotia. They attempt to podcast Canada by playing the rising stars of the Country on their station, alongside old and new favourites. They claim to be ‘up to date with every snowflake’, showing that this maybe a good station to search for if you are waiting on a weather report.

CBC Radio

One of the largest Radio Stations, CBC can be found at 90.5FM and offers everything from weather reports to music. You can also access their 3 radio stations through the internet on their website, meaning you should never miss a moment of their coverage. The station has a feature called Information Morning which is incredibly popular.

Radio CJLS

This station can be listened to online or over the radio and really offers diversity in their programs. With business podcasts, dance nights and even bingo shows on the schedule, they are a really different station. They offer up to date sports news of Yarmouth and elsewhere and bring listeners reports on the weather as well.checkout more latest information at

Best Radio Stations in Nova Scotia

So there are some of the best radio stations in Nova Scotia. Whichever you decide to listen to, you can be guaranteed quality, whether it is the up-to-date snow reports or some great music. All of them have more information on their respective websites, so if you want to find out more head there. Instead of settling for just listening to that same Canada podcast you have heard already, choose the radio and enjoy up to date news and features.visit this source to get updated.

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