Best Podcasts for Political, News, and Tech Addicts

Notice the rise in fake news and you understand that this is a grim time for those of us who appreciate the truth. That makes finding the best podcasts for political, news, and tech addicts, quite an endeavor. It isn’t very easy to determine which resources are going to offer you the best information with the most accuracy. However, we know you love your podcasts, so we have done this for you.

Maybe you’ve been wondering what is going on with Iran. If so, you are probably a fan of Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. He’s a Johns Hopkins’ graduate and has been heading up this non-partisan group to fight the political agendas designed to cripple democracies worldwide. Surely, you’ll find stuff about him on some of the political podcasts we will suggest shortly.

Best Podcasts for Political, News, and Tech Addicts

Podcasts You Should Subscribe to

We want you to have access to the most precise and timely information available. That is why we have composed this list of podcasts you should subscribe to. After all, you are just as drawn to tech talk, news revelations, and political exposés as we are. Therefore, be sure to get these podcasts on your mobile device so you don’t miss a thing:

  • On [The Media]- They are particularly interested in behind the news information. You will gain access to information about the Trump dossier leak, and the secret battles waging between the CIA and FBI. Listen to it here.
  • The Run-Up– Supported by the New York Times, Michael Barbaro, one of their reporters, is the prime broadcaster. He also has an audio briefing entitled The Daily. However, during this podcast, he is all about the insider commentary for political aficionados.
  • Note to Self– This is for all the tech lovers out there. Apple’s security issues are free game. So are the new devices employed by police officers to see when drivers are texting. This is a timely look at all things techy.
  • Code Switch- A great view from the minority crowd. This podcast employs the brilliance of five journalists from minority backgrounds. They will confront those very uncomfortable issues revolving around identity and race. This is a weekly show provided by NPR. Learn more.
  • Reveal– Al Leston is the star of this series. He’s a poet and playwright devoted to exposing abuses of power. He’s particularly devoted to revealing those abuses as they pertain to the legal and political systems.
  • Trumpcast– If you’ve been wondering what’s wrong, or right, with our new Commander In Chief, this is the podcast for you. Business experts, psychiatrists, and even historians will be given a chance to weigh in on Trump. Slate is the voice you’ll hear most frequently, and don’t be surprised by the snarkiness of the series.
  • Call Your Girlfriend– These two ladies are longtime friends. They are both tender and intellectually rigorous in their discussions about political things poignant to the concerns of women. Read this.
  • 538 Politics– If you want the nerdy side of data and facts, this is the political podcast for you.

Of course, there are a number of other politics specific podcasts that will really get your blood boiling if you are a pro-Trump individual. It seems the political landscape is rife with Trump bashers and perhaps they should be taken with a grain of salt just like everything else. After all, opinions are like armpits, or so they say.