Best Apps for Podcasting from Your Cell Phone

We know that podcasting is on the rise. It enables just about anyone to share his/her message to a wide berth of listeners so long as the advertising and marketing of the podcast is successful. Or, if nothing else, the individual can reach out to friends with messages just for them. But, what are the best apps for podcasting from your cell phone? We’re glad you asked and we hope to help you find the answers.

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Best Apps for Podcasting from Your Cell Phone

Podcatchers for Your Cell Phone

Maybe you didn’t know it, but podcasting apps are actually called podcatchers, as they will be catching what you tell them. And, many of them will also “catch” and automatically download new episodes of the podcasts you subscribe to. So, here are some great podcatchers for your cell phone:

  1. Overcast (iOS)- Lots of great features in this app. Playback, downloading, and notifications are deftly handled. And, you can even play your stuff offline to save space. Then there’s the ability to boost and normalize sounds, or cut out gaps of silence without messing up the audio.
  2. Castro (iOS)- This one is all about simplicity and ease of use. When you can mix crystal clear audio and a sleek design, you have created an uncluttered podcatcher that hasn’t been destroyed by excess and unnecessary complexities. And it’s free because the 2nd version is coming out soon. Learn more.
  3. Pocket Casts (Android & iOS)- You’ll have to pay $3.99 for this one, but its attractive design will showcase your favorite podcasts. And, it can even categorize them to make listening that much easier. There’s auto-downloading and cleanup features, plus a sleep timer. It’s probably worth the money.
  4. iCatcher (iOS)- With variable playback speeds and other tweaks and configurations, this $2.99 podcatcher is pretty nifty. There are several download options as well.
  5. Downcast (iOS)- When you feel the need to search for new podcasts to subscribe to, this is a great app option. It is highly customizable and even supports Google Chromecast. It’s $2.99.
  6. Podcast Republic (Android)- Ads are the way this app makes its money, but it’s free for you. There are several configurations for storage management and a car mode.
  7. Player FM (Android)- Solid playback and discovery tools make this podcatcher app pretty great. But the fact that it’s free, makes it all the better. There’s also video support and audio enhancements. Read this.
  8. Podcast Addict (Android)- Perhaps one of the cooler features of this app is its ability to save space with an automatic deletion option. You’ve got support for YouTube channels, audiobooks, streaming radio, and even video podcasts.
  9. Beyondpod (Android)- Probably the most expensive podcatcher on our list, at $6.99, you can experiment with it for a 7 day free trial before committing. There’s a smart playlist builder and it supports Chromecast too.
  10. Doggcatcher (Android)- If you’re a function junky, this is the app for you. Try out the variable playback, UI customization, and episode diagnostics. All for just $2.99.

If you need some more information about great podcast apps, follow this link.