4 Bizarre Acne Remedies Approved by Science

We all have that one friend who has great skin almost effortlessly- most of us have trouble resisting the urge to strangle them then and there! However, the rest of us are, in fact, the majority, as around 90% of the adolescents have acne that they carry way into adulthood. Once it gets to you, acne becomes more or less permanent and remains as a potentially disfiguring scourge. You could start a blame game on what really causes acne- blame it on stress, genetics, sugar intake, or bad hygiene.

4 Bizarre Acne Remedies Approved by Science

Those who have suffered from acne breakouts all their lives know more about curing acne than anyone else; such as washing the face regularly, using oil free products, exercising regularly, etc. However, we bet even the most thorough researches have not led you to the following anti-acne discoveries that we are so eager to share with you. Without further ado, read on for some bizarre remedies for acne that many scientific communities swear by.


Microdermabrasion basically exfoliates skin to remove dead cells and make new skin resurface; however, the ‘abrasion’ part is very real here. A small device releases aluminum oxides and sucks in the oxide crystals at the same time. This causes a very intense exfoliating effect, causing skin to regenerate and appear smoother. The process is almost painless and effective.

Light Therapies

Light therapies have proven to be effective in treating acne. One such success story is that of the researchers in the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University, who came up with a unique method to treat acne.

Lasers and pulsed lights, such as very low intensity blue light therapy, continuous wave carbon dioxide laser, diode laser, etc. are all effective and widely acclaimed. Light therapy, such as ‘Face Up!’ developed by Czech researchers is painless and kills P. acnes bacteria without causing the skin any harm.

Tissue salt

Dr. William H. Scheussler of Germany swears that the ‘cell salt therapy’ can cure acne and many other skin conditions. Scheussler, after examining cremated bodies inferred that those remains were made up of just twelve mineral compounds- later termed as ‘tissue salts’. The lack of any of these tissue salts is the main cause behind diseases, he believed, and provided his patients with pills containing very small amounts of salts.

Many followers of this school of thought take calcium sulphate pills that they believe can cure acne in the long run. Those feeling curious can try it out themselves, as the compound is in very dilute form in the medicines.

Turning up the Heat

When combined with the light therapies mentioned above, heat treatments can destroy bacteria and reduce sebaceous gland sizes to prevent clogged pores. The heat accelerates the process of bacteria destruction along with pulse light treatment. It opens up the pores, heats the follicles, and acts as catalyst to the chemical reactions induced by the light therapy. For more information of acne treatment, read the following article to find some other remedies http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/problems/treating/5-surprising-acne-treatments.htm#page=0

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