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10 Best Business Podcasts

If you are looking for ways that you can learn to improve your business or your own personal skills within business, then business podcasts are a great option. A podcast is basically a recorded piece of audio that is made available on the internet and can be downloaded to your computer or mobile audio player, like an iPod. They are typically part of a series, which will be updated weekly, for example. A business podcast can be really useful as a tool for learning, as well as marketing. These types of podcasts, being business and marketing, are one of the most popular genres and have very high numbers of subscribers.

• All-in: Elevating you Leadership Game

This relates to building a business on public relations and is recorded by Alicia Dunams.

• As Told By Nomads

Tayo Rockson records this and it focuses upon marketing your company and promotes you to think differently about your business with this business podcast.

• Learning With Leslie

Unsurprisingly hosted by someone with the name Leslie, Leslie Samuel guides you through the challenges of setting up a business and teaches you some tricks when building your website.

• John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas teaches young entrepreneurs 7 days-a-week and provides them with a fresh look upon business.

• Social Triggers Insider

If you have trouble with sales, then you should be listening to this business podcast, as Derek Halpern takes you through some strategies to sort out your business’s problems.

• The Entrepreneur Effect

If you are struggling with the complexity and the intricacy of the business world and marketing, then you should consider this business podcast to sort out your problems.

• The Rise to The Top

David Garland talks you through the use of online programs and products that you can use to make money; something that everyone wishes they could do .This is a truly useful business podcast.

• Mixology

If you want to hear real entrepreneurs talk then this podcast interviews business people to ask about the challenges that they have dealt with. It is hosted by Andrew Warner.checkout more detailed information at

• Help! My Business Sucks!

If a straight-talking business podcast seems a bit too formal for you, then this offering from Andrew Lock may be the answer, as he combines wit and humour to educate.

• Creative Living With Jamie

Jamie Ridler teaches you the importance of active living and creativity and the effects of this upon your business.

Business Podcasts

This list is hardly inclusive and the best podcast for you specifically may not have appeared above, particularly if your needs are more selective. The list has been put together to try and accommodate a few more specific areas, but it is impossible to cover everything in only 10 short points. However, downloading just a few of the above podcasts with help your business immensely and provide you with an education in different areas and hopefully also improve your broader knowledge as well. If you are looking to find a way into business develop your already established business, then subscribing to any (or all) of the above business podcasts is a great place to start.

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